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The 10 Best Accessories In Core Keepers

core keeper has lots of weapons and armor to kit out your Explorer, but it’s the accessories that really complete any build. Rings, necklaces, and off-hand items can complement your other gear’s strengths or boost a capability that you’re otherwise lacking.

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This list showcases the best accessories Core Keeper has to offer at all stages of the game. From the Clay Caverns to the Sunken Sea and beyond, finding one of these top-tier trinkets is sure to increase your chances of survival. We’re just looking at the strengths of the individual items, though – check out our list of the best gear sets if you’re looking for the ideal combo.


10 Ammonite Necklace

Early in the game you may come across a giant spiral-shaped fossil. If you do, be sure to hit it with your pickaxe to reveal the Ammonite Necklace.

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This accessory is perfect for the beginning Explorer, providing 22 additional HP and 13 Armor. That’s enough to nearly double the protection of a full set of Copper Armorand a larger increase than any single piece of Bronze Armor!

9 Orb Lantern

It’s always a good idea to bring a light source other than torches into dangerous areas. Wielded in the off-hand, the Orb Lantern lets you illuminate a small area around you without needing to switch between your weapon and a torch. It also provides a small increase to your mining damagemaking it ideal for excavation projects as well!

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The Orb Lantern is crafted at the Scarlet Workbench, so you won’t be able to make one until you’ve passed the Great Wall. That’s perfect timing, though, since the Orb Lantern makes a great survival tool in the Mold Dungeon where getting caught in the dark can result in a swift death from the swarms of Infected Cavelings there.

8th Polished Swift Ring

Characters who have mastered the Crafting Talent Tree can create some truly exceptional rings and necklaces. The Jewelry Crafter talent give you a chance to create an upgraded version of any items you make at the Jewelry Workbench.

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Twelve Iron Bars and three Ancient Gemstones can be combined into a Swift Ring, and with Jewelry Crafter you may get a Polished Swift Ring instead. This enhanced version gives you a larger boost to your movement and melee attack speeds, with can be increased further by cooking a Pink Palace Fish with either a Bomb Pepper or a Spirit Veil.

7 Ancient Guardian Necklace

In Azeos’ Wilderness, be on the lookout for a giant crumbled statue. Striking it with your pickaxe will reward you with the Ancient Guardian Necklace.

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This protective amulet reduces the damage you take from bosses by seventeen percentpotentially saving you from being defeated by these mighty opponents.

6 Ocean Heart Necklace

If you come across a shipwreck in the Sunken Sea, be sure to stop on the nearby island. Inside the hut there, you’ll find a chest containing the Ocean Heart Necklace.

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Not only does this familiar-looking jewel provide you with a large – perhaps even titanic – boost to your HP, but it also increases the healing over time that you receive from food and potions. It really does ensure that your heart will go on (beating).

5 Sky ring

Azeos The Sky Titan occasionally drops this useful ring when defeated. If you don’t get it the first time, try re-summoning the big bad bird and repeating the boss fight until you do.

All that work will net you a healthy increase of 13.5 percent to your melee damage, along with a small critical hit rate boost. Azeos’ Soul also gives your melee attacks a chance to fire a slow-moving beam that destroys all in its path, making the Sky Ring a fantastic starting point for a late-game melee build.

4 Caveling ID

While traversing the Forlorn Metropolis, smash open every container you find. You’ll eventually find a worn-out ID card that can get you out of some tough situations.

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The Caveling ID is equipped in the off-hand, and increases your chance to dodge attacks by ten percent. By the time you’re able to collect it there are plenty of enemies by whom you really don’t want to be hit, so the Caveling ID is perfect for a dodge build, along with…

3 Polished Scarlet Chunk Necklace

Like the Polished Swift Ring, this enhanced Scarlet Chunk Necklace is only available to Explorers with the Jewelry Crafter talent. You’ll need to build a Proficient Jewelry Workbench to create this defensive talisman, so fire up the Table Saw and have some Octarine on hand.

The Scarlet Chunk Necklace costs thirty-five scarlet barsso you may want to set up a drillin the wilderness to get the necessary materials. If you create a Polished Scarlet Chunk Necklace, you’ll get a respectable 26 additional armor alongside a huge twelve percent increase to your dodge chance!

2 Omoroth’s Beak

defeating Omoroth The Sea Titan requires the heavy use of ranged attacks, but melee-focused characters have a lot to look forward to if they slay the monstrous kraken. Each time you bring down the Sea Titan, there’s a chance you’ll find Omoroth’s Beak among the loot.

Equipped in the off-hand, Omoroth’s Beak provides an unbelievable 29.1 percent increase to your melee damage. Wielding it alongside the Rune Song and fully buffed, there won’t be many foes that can withstand your strikes.

1 Polished Gold Crystal Necklace

For an item that’s crafted at a mid-tier workbench, the Polished Gold Crystal Necklace is utterly incredible. You’ll need the Jewelry Crafter talent to make one, of course, but at ten Gold Bars and one Ancient Gemstone it’s a steal.

Equipping the Polished Gold Crystal Necklace grants you a 21.3 percent increase to your melee damage and a 22.5 percent increase to your ranged damage. Combine it with high-quality food and other offensive gear, and even bosses will have reason to fear you.

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