Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Streamer TommyInnit Left Temporarily Homeless

The streamer TommyInnit has been left homeless after a gas leak rendered his apartment uninhabitable. The news came as a shock to the gaming community. TommyInnit is a frequent Minecraft player with over 7 million followers on Twitch and more than 11 million subscribers on YouTube.

The content creator was in the middle of moving to a new apartment where he planned to stay until a permanent residence could be found. But his landlord came bearing bad news. Before he was even finished unpacking, TommyInnit was told that a gas leak in the building rendered his apartment unsafe, so the streamer had to stop what he was doing and start searching for accommodations.

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“I take all the stuff up to the top of the apartment after the long ass drive and he’s like ‘yeah, you can’t stay here, man.’ Something about a carbon monoxide leak,” TommyInnit recounted. “I go ‘what?’ and he says ‘you can’t stay here until probably late next week’ and I go ‘what?’ and he goes ‘yeah’ and he goes like ‘okay, it’s good you’ve got your stuff up, but we’re going to have to go stand outside,’ but I just put all of my things there.”

The streamer Wilbur Soot offered to put him up for the night, but he found the place “freezing,” so TommyInnit set out for the nearest public library. Having called another content creator, Ranboo, on Discord after starting a stream, TommyInnit was apparently too loud for the reading room, prompting staff at the public library to remove him from the premises. “I am frequently thrown out of public libraries,” he said on Twitter.

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TommyInnit is apparently unable to book a hotel for the night because of his age. The steamer is currently 17. He said the four-hour drive back home to his parents wouldn’t be worth the trouble without his recording equipment.

Fans of the streamer have been expressing their concern over the matter on Twitter and other platforms. “I can’t believe I miss one TommyInnit stream and suddenly he’s homeless in a public library and he can’t buy a hotel room and also Wilbur doesn’t give him blankets,” one follower said on Twitter. While his fans have been wishing him well, TommyInnit might just be in for a couple of rough nights.

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