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Spider-Man No Way Home Artist shares symbiotic suit idea

Marvel has been making comics for so long that a hero’s name might conjure up a different image to you than the next fan. When you hear Hulk, you might think of the version of the MCU before he got smart. Or you may be thinking of the even angrier ones from the comics Thanos kept on a leash. I still hope to see this manifesto on the big screen too, to be honest.

Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn’t seen Spider-Man: No Way Home and doesn’t want important plot points to be ruined prematurely.

Artists who work with Spider-Man, and there are plenty of them out on the web releasing various movies, comics, and games, have even more looks to work with. In No Way Home, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire returned to the Spider-Verse, bringing their iconic red and blue suits.


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Seeing all three Spider-Men together highlighted the subtle differences between the designs of their respective suits. Thomas Du Crest was one of the concept artists who created Spidey’s looks in No Way Home, and they’re already dreaming of what Tom Holland might be wearing the next time we see him at the MCU.

“While waiting for the green light to show off the work I’ve done for #spidermannowayhome, here’s a little idea of ​​what might be next,” Du Crest tweeted. As you can see above, the next Du Crest suggests Holland’s Spider-Man is merging with a symbiote. The concept for the suit is pretty incredible, and considering that you Crest already has an MCU resume (Endgame, Far From Home, Quantumania) chances are Marvel and Sony should give them a call should they need a symbiote suit would.

The likelihood that a symbiote will use Spider-Man as a host in Holland’s next film is pretty high. If you didn’t sit through the No Way Home credits (first time seeing a Marvel movie?), You missed Venom being brought back into its own universe before you could meet Spider-Man. However, the last thing you see before the credits roll resume is a tiny blob of the symbiote that was left on the counter.

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