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Space Raiders In Space: 8 Best Weapons

Space Raiders In Space is a wave defense roguelike that maintains a tower defense feel. With squad management controls, it offers layers of customization per run through the phases of attack, defend, cower, search, and build. This indie game developed by 2 Stupid Devs is crafted with amusing dialogue and impressive comic-like visuals that keep us coming back for more.

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As you progress through stages of increasingly powerful enemies, you’ll need to make sure you’re equipped with the right weapons to ensure your survival. Your squad will be cracking jokes throughout the series of attacks, so it’s up to you to utilize your tools and have the best weapons in your arsenal. Whether you are in the first battle, or further along, this list will offer insight into the weapons that are right for the fight.


8th RPG

Space Raiders In Space Two Characters In Barracade with RPG

The RPG makes things go boom, and is incredibly helpful as mobs of alien bugs come your way. The explosive projectiles travel relatively slow, but the area of ​​effect damage makes it worthwhile. If the bugs are attacking in a cluster, the RPG is the absolute best weapon for maximizing effort.

At times, there are fast moving targets that the RPG won’t be very effective against. However, you can construct your barricades methodically, so that the enemies are forced to cluster as they approach. The RPG is guaranteed to step up your damage output and help you survive longer.

7 Tesla Rifle

Space Raiders In Space Tesla Rifle Battle Scene With Characters

The Tesla Rifle is the perfect handheld weapon for zapping some bugs, causing chain lightning damage between clusters of enemies, and additional damage to armored enemies. The chain lightning damage makes this weapon incredibly useful when swarms of enemies are overpowering your defenses.

For players who want to make sure they have the map covered, the Tesla rifle is an excellent and powerful choice. Arcing your damage between enemies makes tower defense feel like a cakewalk. The rifle increases your odds of surviving each attack, and is worth taking if you manage to come across one.

6 hammer

Space Raiders In Space Character With Hammer

When it comes to melee weapons, the hammer is an excellent choice. The hammer has the highest damage per second in the game, however, it is a balanced weapon, so that means it also has a slow attack speed.

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The hammer requires you to get up close and personal with enemies, but the damage output is worth the risk. You can also use it from directly behind a barricade, which would provide a little bit of protection. Just pay attention to your character’s health when using the hammer, because you might have to retreat shortly after smashing some bugs.

5 Sniper Rifle

Space Raiders In Space Battle Scene With Characters Using Sniper Rifles

The sniper rifle has the longest range and highest single shot damage in the game. Much like the hammer, the high damage output of the sniper rifle comes at a slow attack speed, so balance your arsenal with some faster automatic weapons to accompany whichever crew member wields it.

There are guaranteed to be some epic boss battles in Space Raiders in Space, and the sniper rifle is a great way to get some powerful hits and take them down. Since it is a long range weapon, it’s best to position whoever wields it at the back of your defenses to avoid any unnecessary deaths.

4 Assault Rifle

Space Raiders In Space Assault Rifle Battle Scene With Characters

Assault Rifles are a classic go to in any shooter, and the same is true in Space Raiders In Space. A reliable choice, the assault rifle is great at taking down enemies one by one. The rifle is found frequently in searches, and is a useful weapon to have in your arsenal.

When you just don’t know what to put in your arsenal, the assault rifle is the easy choice. This weapon offers you the chance to do damage from behind your defense from any range, making it without a doubt a dependable choice.

3 Crossbow

Space Raiders In Space Crossbow Battle Scene With Characters

Crossbows are a stylish and fierce way to take down numerous enemies at a time. They do relatively high damage and have the ability to pierce more than one enemy at a time, with the maximum number of affected enemies being determined by the weapon’s tier.

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This weapon is great for situations where you want to keep your distance, and do some efficient damage. Plus, groups of enemies frequently travel linearly, making them perfect targets for some crossbow piercing damage.

2 Zap Turret

Space Raiders In Space Zap Turret With Barricades

What’s a great way to kill some alien bugs? A bug zapper, of course. The Zap Turret is a great weapon for your defenses, damaging and eliminating alien bugs as they approach your crew.

The Zap Turret automatically attacks bugs, letting you focus on your squad’s health. The weapon is quickly assembled by your crew members in your defense phase and is able to damage three enemies at a time. However, the weapon has a relatively small range so make sure to place multiple around your base.

1 shotgun

Space Raiders In Space Shotgun Battle Scene With Characters

A monster fighting classic, the shotgun does consistent cone damage, and is capable of obliterating swarms of bugs coming your way. The shotgun is typically available early in the game, making it a great solution early-on.

This weapon is great for gamers who want a dependable and relatively low maintenance experience during the attack waves. The only shortcoming of the shotgun is the shorter range. The ideal placement of your shotgun yielding crew member is right behind your barricades, exterminating bugs as they put pressure on your defenses.

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