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Slow Valorant Update: Reasons why Valorant update is taking longer than usual

Is your Valorant taking too long to update and the update keeps pausing, here are some reasons why your update may take longer.

Valorant is a pretty diverse game, which keeps constantly changing. And the one thing which makes Valorant quite famous is that the devs actually listen to the players. And work around their feedback and keep updating their game.

Due to this, we tend to get a lot of updates. Usually, Riot has a patch scheduled every 2 weeks however, some major situations can result in an unannounced patch. And those patches sometimes take a lot of time to update.

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Reasons for Slow Valorant Update

There are many reasons for your Valorant update to take a lot of time, but some of the main reasons are.

Slower CPU: The procedure which any update follows is they download the new content, delete the previous date, and overwrite others. For this, the CPU has to download documents and overwrite them at the same time and if you have a slower CPU, your update can take some extra time.

Internet: The biggest and most obvious reason for a slow update is slow internet. If your Internet speed is slow your update will take a hit and take a longer time to update. The best option to do in this situation is to close all applications and discount any other devices connected to the wifi. And use a LAN cable if possible.

Game installed on HDD: There are two types of drives on everyone’s system SSD(Solid State Drive) and to HDD(Hard Disk Drive). The read and write speed of an SSD is a lot faster than an HDD. And if you install your game on HDD rather than the SSD the read and write time for your game will increase. Which in turn will increase your update time.

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