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Skyepsports Champions Series Group Stage Day 1 Recap & Results

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The first set of matches for the Skyesports Champions Series round-robin group stage was played today. Despite having hard-fought matches the Day 1 of the SCS group stage had a barrage of 2-0s with only the Enigma-Prime5 game going the distance.

All and all Day 1 was filled with a lot of excitement and showcased the best of valorant from the Indian subcontinent.

SkyEsports Champions Series Day 1 Summary:

Group A:

  • Revenant Esports 2-0 Khumbu Esports
  • Global Esports 2-0 Team Valor
  • Enigma Gaming 2-1 Prime 5

Group B:

  • Orangutan 2-0 Full Power Gaming
  • Reckoning eSports 2-0 Exceeli Esports
  • Velocity gaming 2-0 Union Gaming

Match 1: Orangutan 2-0 Full Power Gaming

The first match of the day from Group B was played between the newly formed orangutan going against Full-Power gaming. With Orangutan picking Icebox as the map pick were down 8-4 in the first half, with Pokemon leading the charge for Full Power Gaming.

But in the second half, Orangutan displayed their solid defense only losing the bonus third round and winning the map 13-9.

The Second map was Haven, Full Power’s pick, with orangutan on the defensive, dropped just two rounds and ended the half 10-2, while on the attack won pistol and the follow-up and lost just 4 rounds winning the map 13-6 and winning the series 2-0.

This clearly was a statement made by Orangutan who are the RoSA champion and their Jett shooterR led the scoreboard with a combined ACS of 316 and dropped 44 kills.

Match 2: Revenant eSports 2-0 Khumbu Esports

The first match of Group A was played between Revenant Esports and Khumbu esports, with Khumbu picking bind as the first map of the series, Revenant won the half 8-4 playing defense, and only lost 3 more rounds on attack winning the first map 13 -7 with KnightRider’s brimstone leading the team with 24 kills and 329 ACS.

The second map was Revenant’s pick of Fracture going 7-5 in their favor and eventually winning in the second half 13-8 again KnightRider dropped 26 kills with an ACS of 336 and led the team to a 2-0 series win. Revenant with such a scoreline has started the group stage with a bang asserting complete dominance over their opponents for the day.

Match 3: Global Esports 2-0 Team Valor

The second match of Group A had Global Esports, The tournament favorite taking on Team Valor, and Global Esport showed us just why they are the tournament favorite by dominating Team Valor winning their map pick of Haven 13-4 losing just 4 rounds in their defense and without dropping a single round in attack. Lightningfast was an absolute demon with an ACS of 429, a K/D of 3.0, and dropping 27 kills.

The second map took us to Ascent, Team Valor’s pick. Still, the result ended up being the same with Global Esports dominating the second map, winning their defense 9-3 and dropping just 1 round on attack winning it 13-4 on the back of a strong performance from HellrangeR and Sk Rossi with ACSs of 297 and 294 respectively.

This was clearly a statement from GE’s side, sending every other team the message that they are definitely ready to win it all.

Match 4: Reckoning eSports 2-0 Exceeli Esports

For the second match of Group B, Reckoning Esports took on Exceeli Esports with the first map taking us on Ascent, Being Reckoning’s map pick, the first half of the map was pretty back and forth, and on defense, Reckoning manage to edge out their opponents 7-5 winning the first half by one round, but the second half was a different picture, reckoning on attacking only lost 3 rounds winning the map 13-8.

The second map was a different picture altogether, starting on attack Reckoning managed to accumulate 10 rounds only dropping 2 rounds, and manage to close it at 13-2 in the second half. BADlove was the main man of the game with an average ACS of 285.

Match 5: Enigma Gaming 2-1 Prime 5

The final match of group A was between Pakistan’s Prime 5 and India’s Enigma Gaming, The first map, Enigma’s choice ended in enigma’s favor with Rawfiul’s Chamber firing all cylinders with 24 kills and an ACS of 396 winning the first half 9-3 and negating the 9-3 curse to close out the map 13-4.

But Prime 5 came back strong on the second map of their choice, Icebox, having a close first half with 7-5 on defense and closing it 13-7 on the attack with Hatz battle-sage and tr1ck’s Jett.

It seemed that the third map would be a pretty close affair contrary to that, Enigma Gaming dominated prime 5 on fracture dropping just 2 rounds and winning the map 13-2 and the series 2-1 with Excali closing out the series with a combined ACS of 340 and a 1.7 K/D.

Match 6: Velocity gaming 2-0 Union Gaming

The last match of the day saw Velocity Gaming taking on Union Gaming, despite a good back and forth few rounds, Velocity Gaming managed to secure 8 rounds and won the half 8-4. On defense, despite losing the pistols Velocity Gaming managed to close the map 13-7 with Deathmaker as Chamber putting in a spectacular 365 ACS, 26 kill performance.

The second map, Haven, being velocity gaming’s map pick, had velocity gaming on defense. The first half had velocity only losing 3 rounds to closing the half 9-3, and despite losing the pistols maintained their poise to close the match 13-4 on the back of strong performance from mw1, DeathMaker, and Amaterasu.

Velocity won the series 2-0 with Deathmaker having an average ACS of 307 and 42 kills. Velocity has yet again proved why they are one of the strongest teams in the region and favorites to win it all.

All the winning teams made their opening statements and established themselves in the tournament. While teams that lost would try their best tomorrow as this is not the end for them, an advantage of the round-robin format.

The winners can’t rest well yet as to qualify a team has to win at least 3 games out of their total 5 to secure a spot at Skyesports Champions Series main event LAN. And eventually, close it out to qualify for VCT APAC challengers season 2.

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