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Shovel Knight: Beginner Tips and Tricks

Shovel Knight is an immensely popular series that many people have credited with kicking off the boom of popularity in pixel throwback games. It’s a simple title that did just about everything right in the minds of 2D platformer fans. You run, jump, and shovel your way through expertly crafted levels as the titular hero, Shovel Knight.

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Of course, with any game, there are plenty of things that people find themselves wishing they knew before heading into a hefty play session. Shovel Knight may seem simple, but there are plenty of in-depth tips that will help make any player a pro in no time at all.


10 The Village Signs Are Your Friend

It’s a small tip, but it can go a long way. In many games, signs you find in towns will do little more than offer tiny bits of useless information or provide tiny basic waymarkers for players. In Shovel Knight, a sign can be far more useful than in most titles.

If you shovel your way through the sign above Molly Advertising, you might find yourself helping your magic supply. While it’s not necessarily the biggest help in the world, it’s a small bit of help that can be useful in a pinch.

9 Fishing Is A Big Help

For whatever reason, people love to throw fishing into their video games, even when it seems like fishing wouldn’t fit. In Shovel Knight, fishing is a great way to make getting through the game easier. One of the uses is to grab money from pits you’ve previously fallen down.

You can also use the fishing rod to find some potions. As in most games, potions aren’t required, but they can be a big help for people who are a bit more prone to taking damage from enemies. Potions can also be handy for dealing with tougher boss fights.

8th Attack Everything

Seriously, attack everything. There are tons of well-hidden secrets littered throughout the game’s many levels, and the easiest ways to find them are by simply treating the whole world like it is your biggest enemy.

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Sometimes, secrets will be exactly where you think they’ll be, but other times they’ll be where you least expect. Since just about every secret in the game is useful in some way, putting in the effort to find them when you can, will make the first playthroughs of the game much more manageable.

7 The Phase Locket Is Valuable

Sure, the Phase Locket has a cool name, but a cool name doesn’t always equal a useful item. Luckily, the Phase Locket is often regarded as the most useful relic in Shovel Knight. Its effect is relatively simple, you gain the ability to phase through enemies for a short time.

The applications of an item like that are immediately obvious, but there are just as many creative and not-so-obvious uses for the relic. If applied correctly, the relic can be used to make quick work of some of the toughest bosses featured in the game.

It may seem like a no-brainer to have someone tell you to master one of the game’s mechanics, but the Shovel Drop really is that important. The move isn’t just important for battling enemies and bosses, it’s crucial for being able to explore the world effectively.

Some of the toughest bosses in the game can be dealt with in no time at all with the help of the Shovel Drop. Even more important, the Shovel Drop is a big part of the game’s platforming, and being able to use it well is only going to help you on your way through the game.

5 Don’t Skip Enemies

The idea of ​​skipping enemies may sound strange, but anyone who gets good with the game may find opportunities to ignore some enemies. That might be one of the biggest mistakes you could make during your first playthrough.

Part of your adventure will be spent collecting the riches of the world, and you can get plenty by defeating various enemies. As is usually the case, the tougher the enemy, the more money you’ll find yourself collecting. Be a hero and take out all the creatures you see.

4 Never fall short on cash

Money is incredibly valuable in Shovel Knight. Rather than being used on useless items that you’ll likely never need, money will be used in some of the most crucial ways possible. Obviously, making sure you get whatever upgrades you can is key.

Outside of that, you won’t ever want to be low on cash as you explore levels as you may come across secret items you’ll have to purchase. Most of the secret items are absolutely worth it making it a necessity to risk having a decent chunk of cash on you as you traverse levels.

3 Decide Between Checkpoints And Money

Throughout the game’s levels, you will come across checkpoints. Rather than the standard video game checkpoint, you can actually decide between a kind of risk-reward system: you can actually destroy the checkpoint to get some extra cash.

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Destroying a checkpoint comes with the obvious pitfall of not having access to that checkpoint anymore, but the money can be worth it if you either have an idea of ​​what lies ahead or are supremely confident in your platforming abilities. However, don’t make the decision lightly or you may end up losing your checkpoint and your gold.

2 You Are Going To Die A Lot

Shovel Knight Boss Fight In The Throne Room

Shovel Knight isn’t a brutally difficult game, but it also isn’t one of the easier platformers around. There will be moments when you are going to wind up down a pit and lose all your health. But don’t get too frustrated, the checkpoints are fairly forgiving.

While the concept of taking a break has become a bit of a meme in recent years, it actually is a good idea for Shovel Knight. It can get frustrating when you come across a tough section, so being ready to fail and fail again is an important part of the experience.

1 Music Pieces Shouldn’t Be Wasted

As you play the game, you’ll find that you can get rid of music pieces to earn some quick cash. While you might want to get them out of your inventory as soon as you can, it can be worth waiting and seeing if you can farm gold in other ways.

You risk losing your gold at any moment, and getting cash from a music piece isn’t of much use if you have nothing to spend the money on. Of course, if you need some extra cash for a purchase, use as many pieces as you like to get exactly what you need.

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