Friday, September 30, 2022

Riot reveals nerfs for Nami’s Electrocute combo, Renekton’s Q damage, and more for Patch 12.17

for League of Legends‘ upcoming Patch 12.17, Riot Games’ lead designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison has revealed the detailed notes for the various nerfs headed to the game.

Phroxzon said that the developers are only looking to fine tune some of the champions in next week’s update, and continuously testing to ensure that they don’t swing a champion too far up and down the power scale. Additionally, they don’t want to disrupt the meta that all the competitive teams have practiced and played on over the past month, especially with the 2022 World Championship right around the corner.

One of the biggest nerfs in the patch will be changes to Nami’s Electrocute combo on her Tidecaller’s Blessing ability. Her E ability will only count as one damage instance instead of multiple, which means that it’ll be a little bit harder to activate Electrocute because the rune requires three instances of damage to pop.

For example, Lucian and Nami are one of the best combos in the bottom lane due to their early kill potential with their synergistic kits. When Nami buffs up Lucian with her E, Lucian will be able to deal a ton of burst damage with his Vigilance passive, along with the bonus magic damage from Nami’s Tidecaller’s Blessing, and Electrocute activating all at the same time.

Another champion getting hit with some nerfs is Renekton, who will be getting a reduction to his Q damage, along with his empowered Q damage. Champions like Azir, Ahri, Sylas, Trundle, and Wukong should also stay in the current competitive meta, even though they’ve all received minor nerfs in this patch as well. Stopwatch is also getting a 50 gold increase to its overall price point, which could throw off some players who have gotten used to purchasing it before heading back out after their second or third recall to base.

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Overall, these changes won’t shake up the meta too much, but should be a good adjustment as the 2022 Summer Split comes to a close, and every league fan’s favorite time of the year finally arrives. Patch 12.17 is scheduled for release on Thursday, Sept 8.

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