Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Release Date, Price, and More

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Skins are a crucial part of the Valorant experience, With Skins like Reaver and Oni being notorious for improving a player’s gameplay. Controversial opinions aside, the skin sure adds fun to the game with animations and unique sounds.

Riot understands how much the player base loves the skins, casuals and professionals alike, and hears communities’ opinions on the skin sets, adding fan-favorite skins and weapons to the game, capitalizing on the love skins receive, and releasing new bundles every fortnight .

After the Pride bundle, which commemorates the Pride Month, and The Neptune bundle, Riot has announced the release of a new skin bundle Xenohunter and the Valorant Patch 4.11. The new bundle would replace the Neptune bundle and be available in the market on 8th or 9th June, depending on your location.

Xenohunter Valorant Price:

The new bundle would include a bayonet knife, a Frenzy, a Bucky, a Phantom, and an Odin and is like to cost around 7100 VP, with each weapon costing 1775 VP and the knife cost 3550 VP. All the weapons seem to be upgradable and have a very cybernetic military-esque finish.

The inclusion of the bayonet makes it more military-esque as the bayonet is used as a melee by many armed forces. The bundle also includes an upgradeable bucky, and it has been a while since we had one.

The Phantom audio sounds are terrific. It also has a side tracker, which seems like an upgrade. The last phantom with the upgrade was RGX Phantom 2.0, with five levels. There is no additional upgrade mentioned for the bundle as of now.

The bundle also includes an Odin. The last upgradeable Odin was Prime 2.0. Though unpopular, Odin is a powerhouse of a gun and is used by Sova/Fade mains worldwide.

The only weapon that hasn’t seen much attention is Judge, which hasn’t had an upgradeable skin in a while. Let’s hope Riot decides to add it to the game soon. Talking about the Xenohunter skin bundle, let’s hope it is as impressive as it seems.

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