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Relatable Mistakes All Minecraft Players Have Made

Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox experience and has been since its inception in 2011. You can do whatever you want in the game, whether it’s downloading Quality of Life mods to enhance the experience or staying in creative mode all the time to build masterpieces . However, sometimes things don’t quite go as planned.

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While you have complete freedom in Minecraft, there are some embarrassing things that almost every gamer has done at least once. In those moments, we often feel less than a pro, but there’s nothing wrong with admitting you made a mistake. These are some things that all players have done in Minecraft at some point. You’re not alone.

10 Die by falling from a high spot

A tall tower in Minecraft

Climbing a massive mountain or building a tall tower is something we’ve all done before. It’s really just a part of Minecraft. The thing is, things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes you build a ten-block tower to work on the third floor of your base, but you forget to crouch and fall from a high place, losing everything.

Well, it had to happen eventually. All you can do is laugh and hope you have a nearby respawn point so you can retrieve all your stuff.


9 Dig straight down

A tunnel straight down in Minecraft

There are many useful tips on how to find diamonds in Minecraft, and digging straight down is certainly not one of them. Sure, it’s the quickest way to hit bedrock, but it’s also the riskiest because you just don’t know what’s directly below you. You can end up falling into a huge cave system full of dangerous mobs or, even worse, straight into lava.

Sometimes we just don’t have the patience to build a proper mineshaft, and that’s totally fine, but shortcuts often have consequences.

8th Use the wrong pickaxe

All the different ores in Minecraft

When you first started Minecraft, did you try to mine an iron vein with a wooden pickaxe and got frustrated when you realized no iron ore came out? It’s probably one of the saddest moments in the game, but at least it was just iron. You will find many Iron Ore Veins in the future.

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This moment is especially brutal if you tried to mine diamonds with a stone pickaxe. You are so excited to finally get a diamond and you get nothing. This has got to be one of the biggest gut punches in Minecraft. So make sure you always have the right pickaxe for the job.

7 Mess up a build

A poorly built structure in Minecraft

The first project you do in Minecraft is often what you remember the most for all the wrong reasons. It almost never goes well, and you just stare at it with an expression that screams, “I can’t believe I just spent three hours of my life building this monstrosity.”

Whether it’s left a block longer than necessary or a terrible mishmash of different blocks, not every build is going to be perfect. There’s nothing left to do but smile about it.

6 Look at an Enderman

An Enderman in Minecraft

Endermen are some of the most unsettling mobs in Minecraft. They’re tall, lanky, and just plain creepy. Although they live at the end, these guys are happy to make their way to the overworld to scare players half to death.

When you first saw an Enderman, you probably looked him straight in the eyes and got attacked. Depending on how early in your journey this happened, they might even have killed you. Never look an enderman in the eye unless you have a pumpkin on your head. It’s unconventional, but it works.

5 Forget carrying a bed

A bed in Minecraft

It’s always a good idea to carry around an extra bed. If you’re traveling from one place to another and know it will take several days to reach your destination, just bring a bed and enough materials to build a small hut.

Many of us have forgotten to bring a bed on a long journey, forcing us to sit and wait for dusk to dawn every day. It’s a complete waste of time, so bring a bed to make your trip a much more comfortable experience.

4 Meet a villager

A villager in Minecraft

The villagers in Minecraft have a certain charm. It has to be the noises they make, the jobs they work, or the structures they live in. Whatever the case, there are many things you need to know about villagers, and one of them is to leave them alone.

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We’ve all accidentally met a villager instead of trading with them at least once, and it’s incredibly frustrating because not only does it cause the villager to skyrocket their prices, it also makes iron golems hostile. You’ll probably have to spend a few days out of the village before returning.

3 Use gold gear

Gold armor in Minecraft

Gold armor and weapons might look cool, but it doesn’t take long for you to realize that they’re pretty much useless. Have you ever crafted a full set of golden armor only to be confused that its defense value is so much worse than iron armor? Surprisingly, iron armor gives you 15 defense points while gold armor only gives you 11. In addition, iron armor is significantly more durable.

Gold gear is only really useful for preventing Piglins from attacking you in the Nether. A golden helm is the best choice in this situation as it has the same amount of defense points as an iron helm.

2 Don’t let Redstone confuse you

A massive and complex redstone contraption in Minecraft

The things players can build with Redstone are amazing, but they require a lot of understanding. Redstone can be really overwhelming for some players and even some veterans still struggle with it from time to time.

One of the most common things beginners want to build is an elevator. This requires a fairly complex understanding of Redstone, which means new players often get confused and swear off Redstone altogether. We all failed on our first try with Redstone. It’s important to go into creative mode and play around with Redstone until you get the hang of it.

1 Struggle to create farms

A farm in Minecraft

There are many farms that you can build in Minecraft, including some great XP farms, but sometimes they’re not easy to create. It’s easy to round up some animals and fence them in. As for harvesting, it’s a good idea to create an automatic farm.

Automatic farms do everything themselves, so you don’t have to do any work, but they take a long time to set up. You will need a lot of hoppers and chests to gather the materials and set everything else up perfectly. Your first auto farm is rarely a success, but you will eventually.

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