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Red Dead Online Complete Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Online is a living, breathing, constantly changing world. As with any live service title, it can be daunting to start well after everyone else has done it, and it can be difficult to come back to after a break. That is why we created this one stop shop for all of your Red Dead Online needs. This guide hub will serve as, well, the hub for all the numerous guides from TheGamer to Rockstar’s Wild West open world RPG.

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Do you want to know how to maximize your health? We have instructions for this. Do you want to earn money quickly? Look no further. Do you need an up-to-date list of all Daily Challenges, as well as Madam Nazar’s location? We have that for you too, right below. This is your guide to the border. We hope it helps you avoid being eaten by a bear or killed by murderous outlaws.

Today’s Red Dead Online Daily Challenges

Red Dead Online Blood Money Title Card
about rock star

There are seven general daily challenges in Red Dead Redemption 2 online, plus three challenges for each of the five different roles, making a total of 22 challenges. Every morning we update this list with all of the Red Dead Online Daily Challenges that you can complete, and when we have a guide for how to do it, we provide a handy link to do so too.



Bounty hunter

  • Bring in three bounties
  • Hogtie three bounties with a reinforced lasso
  • Bring in multiple bounties three times at a time


  • Find three antique alcohol bottles
  • Find two collectibles with a metal detector
  • Find three collectibles with a shovel


  • Use or make two mixed tonics
  • Take three forest / river animal samples
  • Take three animal samples from wetlands


  • Eat three lager stews
  • Earn $ 200 on the trade
  • Donate six perfect carcasses to Cripps


  • Complete a special moonlight recipe
  • Earn $ 200 selling moonshine
  • Play with a band for two minutes

Where is Mrs. Nazar today?

Madam Nazar in Red Dead Online outside of her shopping cart

Madam Nazar is a major NPC, but she loves to hike. Her wanderlust is so strong that she packs camouflage every day and moves to a new place. It can be hard to keep up, so every day we’ll show you where to find them.

Today, Madam Nazar is located in Black Balsam Rise, Roanoke Ridge. Keep an eye out for murderous cannibals in these hills.

Today Madam Nazar can be found in the Black Balsam Rise, Roanoke Ridge.  Keep an eye out for murderous cannibals in these hills.

Silhouettes of cowboys in a narrow striped image

Getting started in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Cowboy Camp Bandolier

Red Dead Online takes place before the events of the Red Dead Redemption 2 single player campaign, making RDO a prequel a prequel. This means that the world is not quite the same as that you play in during the story.

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Red Dead Online is not free, you must either have Red Dead Redemption 2 or purchase RDO separately. Like many live service games, RDO offers both standard and premium game currency. Gold is bought with real money, but it can also be earned relatively easily in-game.

Cowboy on horseback with a cactus in the foreground

Frequently asked questions about Red Dead Online

Cecil Tucker Red Dead Online Bounty Intro Portrait

Here’s a quick look at some of the most frequently asked questions about Red Dead Online. Remember, there are no silly questions, everyone has to start somewhere.

What platforms is Red Dead Online available on?

Red Dead Online is available on PS4, Xbox One, Pc, and Google stadiums. It doesn’t currently have any next-gen upgrades, but can be played on either PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

What are the minimum system and memory requirements for Red Dead Online?

Steam recommends that players who want to play Red Dead Online have at least the following system specifications:

  • 64-bit processor and operating system (Windows 7).

  • At least one Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD FX-6300 or equivalent.

  • An Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 2GB or AMD Radeon R9 280 3GB graphics card should ensure that you can distinguish an outlaw from a sheriff.

  • You also need at least 150 GB of free hard disk space. (It’s still a staggering 123GB on consoles this size.)

Do I need PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold to play Red Dead Online?

In summary: Yes sir. Unfortunately, unlike Fortnite, you have to pay for your console’s online service to enjoy Red Dead Online. However, there are no additional costs for playing on PC.

Does Red Dead Online have crossplay, cross saves or cross progression?

Also briefly: No. If you want to pose you have to play with people on the same system. If you want to play with multiple friends on different types of hardware, you will have a tough time as you will have to level up and advance each character separately.

Can I have multiple characters in Red Dead Online?

Unfortunately, if you want to mess around with another character, you will have to retire your current outlaw for good. You are only allowed one bandit at a time, no redemptions or exchanges.

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Fortunately, your ill-gotten money and gold will be carried over to your new character once you complete the tutorial, but all of your progress and roles will be reset.

a cowboy with a headscarf covering his face aims at a revolver

Red Dead Online Beginner’s Guides

Red Dead Online Cowboy rides a white horse and shoots a revolver

If you’re fresh out of town and want to start a new life in the fabulous frontier, these guides are essential to ensure you don’t make costly mistakes early on in the game.

Red Dead Online Divider 5 - more silhouetted Cvowboys, this time on their horses

Red Dead online guides for advanced users

Red Dead Online a female and a male character walking

If you know the difference between a stirrup and a cinch, these are the guides for you. The basics are important, but these are the guides to help you stand out from the competition. Perfect for anyone who has been playing for a while.

Red Dead Online Divider 6 - a series of gang members in bandanas with only their faces visible

Red Dead Online role guides

Red Dead Online characters ride horses

There’s a lot to do in the Wild West, from hunting animals to people to collecting valuables or trading in fur.

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These guides all focus on the five roles of Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online Divider 7 - some grass and horse legs, I think it's hard to tell

Red Dead Online stats, skill cards, and equipment guides

paint it black in action - one player shoots another player in the dead eye

If you are going to become the worst outlaw in the west or just want to learn how to become a sturdy trader who can survive the rough line, then this is the guide for you. They specialize in making your character as strong and deadly as possible in the best way possible.

Red Dead Online Divider 8 - Two men argue furiously

Red Dead Online Showdown and Freeroam Event Guides

Red Dead Online Arthur Dynamite Blast

If you’re tired of running around, you can always jump into a showdown and blow up a few people or take part in a freeroam event and race against everyone else on your server.

Red Dead Online Divider 9 - someone with a bow chases a moose

Various guides for Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Plains Horse Racing

Sometimes you just have to know something strange. Something that cannot be fully classified. Don’t worry, we’ve covered all of your curiosities and weird questions here. From technical issues with Red Dead Online to breaking down certain animals, this is where things get weird.

Red-Dead-Online-Divider-10-1 - people in the fog

Red Dead online guides for animals, plants, and NPCs

Red Dead Online player with bow drawn in swamp

Red Dead Online is packed with flora and fauna – plants and animals – so it makes sense to have everything cataloged here.

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If you need to find something that is technically alive, you can find it here.

Where can I find every animal and fish in Red Dead Online

Where can I find every legendary animal in Red Dead Online

Where can I find every plant in Red Dead Online

Where can I find every NPC in Red Dead Online

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