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RDR2 and #RedDeadFuneral – Red Dead Online Funeral Trending on Twitter

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14 July 2022, 09:56

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Tears, graves, mourning outfits and beans – this is what Red Dead Online’s funeral looks like in posts by players who lament the “demise” of their game.

As announced, Red Dead Online players have organized an action called #RedDeadFuneral, or a “funeral” for the game after, they claim, it was abandoned by devs at Rockstar Games. As a result social media was flooded with posts from people with attached screenshots matching the occasion.

Player characters wandered into cemeteries and churches in festive attire, alone or in groups of friends. Some drank to the “deceased” game (or ate beans), others paid tribute to it in other ways or uploaded modified graphics from the “funeral.” While probably none of the posts by themselves conquered the Internet, their number was enough to make the #RedDeadFuneral hashtag trend on Twitter today.

Red Dead Online is a wild and dead West

One can hardly wonder at the players’ bitterness. RDO has been on the market much shorter than Grand Theft Auto Online, which – as we know – is still the apple of Rockstar’s eye (not without reason, by the way: the game continues to earn millions of dollars for the developer). As a result, the latter title is constantly evolving.

Meanwhile, its western cousin hasn’t received a major update in a year, even though it’s only been on the market for three years. So fans could expect Rockstar to deliver more content to sustain interest in the game.

None of this happened – some of the developers have already been delegated to other projects of the studio, which is unlikely to bode well for the already slow development of RDO. Hence the idea of ​​fans to organize a funeral for the online Red Dead.

#RedDeadFuneral like #SaveTF2?

The situation may evoke associations with another example of de facto abandoned game. We are talking about Team Fortress 2, whose fans for years have had to settle for modest updates, whose only “new content” were more cosmetic elements prepared by the community. Here, too, fans organized an action that made a lot of noise on social media.

In the case of the #SaveTF2 protest the players were rewarded so to speak. Admittedly, the “fat” content is still nowhere to be seen or even heard ofbut Valve (or a contractor hired by the company, according to a youtuber) has delivered some more tangible updates. fans of Red Dead Online can do nothing but believe that their efforts will be more fruitful.

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