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PUBG: New State January Update Patch Notes: New Mode, New Weapon, and More

PUBG: New State The January update will be released next week and will introduce patch 0.9.23 for Battle Royale.

A lot of new content is released in this patch. These include an extreme battle royale mode, the P90 submachine gun, balance changes, and more. It will also mark the end of the game’s preseason with the start of the first official season.

Here are the complete ones Sticky Notes for the upcoming update in PUBG: New State.

New mode: BR extreme

  • In this one, 64 players will fall into a smaller area of ​​Troi to fight for victory. The games only last 20 minutes.
  • The playable area of ​​Troi is chosen at random and can change with each game. There will be more vehicles and weapons to provide faster action.
  • The plane flies at a lower altitude so players can parachute to the ground faster. Delivery drones will arrive faster and the waiting time for the recall of dead teammates has been shortened.
  • Each player is provided with a P1911 pistol, smoke grenade, 300 drone credits and fully charged boost meters at the start of the game.
  • When the game starts, two care packages of high quality equipment will be dropped in random locations.
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New weapon: P90

  • The P90 is a submachine gun (SMG). It will appear with a level 2 transformative riflescope and suppressor and cannot be modified with other attachments. The gun uses 5.77mm ammunition.
  • It will only arrive through care packages.
  • The 5.77 ammo will also be added to the drone shop.
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New weapon adjustments

DP-28 [C2] Access to the mouth slot

  • The machine gun has a new slot access that allows players to attach a flash hider or compensator to the weapon.
  • However, these attachments slightly reduce the damage to the DP-28.
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Beryl M762 [C2] Light shaft

  • The attachment reduces the spread of the bullet when shooting from the hip or shoulder. It also increases the ADS speed.
  • However, these two positive aspects come at the expense of weapon stability.
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Changes to the weapon balance


  • Shotguns and pistols have reduced projectile spread when fired in the air.
  • L85A3: The reloading time is significantly reduced.

Weapon adjustments

  • M416 [C1]: It reduces the bullet spread when shooting from the hip and shoulder.
  • Beryl M762 [C1]: The bullet speed is no longer reduced.
  • M16A4 [C1]: The recoil control is no longer reduced.
  • DSR-1 [C1]: The projectile speed is no longer reduced, but the vertical recoil is increased.

New action and animation improvements

Parkour role

  • A new action mechanic comes to PUBG: New State.
  • Players can now roll when jumping off a high surface of a moving vehicle just before they hit the ground.
  • This can be done by tapping the roll button at the right time.
  • Performing a parkour role reduces fall damage.
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Sudden stroke

  • When a player lies prone and sprints forward, the character breaks into a sprint while standing up to allow for a smoother transition.
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Character animation improvements

  • The delay time when switching between sitting and standing is reduced.
  • The delay time that occurs in landing after jumping is also reduced.

Balance changes in BR mode

General changes

  • The speed of the blue zone is increased.
  • The damage done by the blue zone during the early and middle game is also increased.
  • The waiting time for the end phase of the zone is extended by 20 seconds.
  • The normal deployable shield is removed from the game. Only the wide type will be available now.
  • The number of customization kits on the card is significantly increased.

Troi-exclusive changes

  • The amount of drone credits in Vermont will be reduced.
  • Novas will now be found on the main streets.

Season one

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  • Preseason levels are reset for all regions and modes based on the highest player levels that players have achieved.
  • The rewards for reaching Contender, Master, and Conqueror will be upgraded.
  • The game results and ranking standards will be revised.
  • A small number of level points are rewarded when a player selects multiple cards.

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