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Possible ideas for Overwatch out-of-season tournaments

The China Overwatch All-Star Game features all of the Overwatch League content they have longed for. Since the Grand Finals, there haven’t been many PUGs or tournaments for fans to see their favorite players. It was a dry road with only roster announcements feeding the fans. The Overwatch Chinese match shows the full potential for games that could still be played this off-season to spark interest in the team line-up. Although these tournaments would be held on Overwatch One, this would allow players to play more freely without feeling like they were giving away any secrets. Here’s a look at some tournaments that could really keep fans entertained during the off-season APAC edition.

Throwback tournament

A throwback tournament could be great fun as it is the end of Overwatch One to pay homage to the past that brought all of the players here. This could be a throwback to season one of the Overwatch League or even further back to the APEX teams. Something similar happened a few years ago in the Runaway vs. Lunatic-Hai reunion match. This gained massive attention during that hiatus from fans engaging with the game when the Overwatch League was not on. Although there have been some retired and military service players, these seats could be filled with other players who never got a chance to play in the early days. These setbacks would add a nice dose of nostalgia and spice up Overwatch before Season 5 kicks off.

Seoul Cup 2.0

Just before the Overwatch League began, there was the Seoul Cup, which brought together Korean and Chinese teams. The Korean representative teams were Lunatic shark and Cloud9 KongDoo. While the Chinese teams were Happy future and Wonderful boy. This would be the perfect time to restart the concept of the Seoul Cup. Since the Overwatch League’s APAC region is split between China and Korean-based teams, it would add to the storylines and rivalries. Another benefit would be the ability to highlight talent from both regions as there is no longer a World Cup to put new players in the mainstream spotlight.

Multi-esport title tournament

Many of the esports players in Korea are friends with other esports players in other games. It would be fun to have a mixed-player team. It could be League of Legends, Overwatch, Valorant, and PUBG. Have players of each of the titles on teams that would have to play games in each of the games. The placement would give points. This would be a fun way to reunite some friends who are now in different games. The gameplay wouldn’t be top notch, but it would show players the skills they are teaching and have hard carry potential. It would be amusing and carefree fun for the players. This could generate a lot of content when it comes to team choices, streaming practices, and co-streams.

Possible ideas for Overwatch out-of-season tournaments

This long offseason offers teams and players a lot of potential to build their brand and following and have fun too. Of course, this would have to be organized by an organization. Something as simple as a deathmatch by professionals like PUGs would be a lot of fun for fans. Hopefully over time there will be more motivation from organizations and players to host small events like the China Overwatch All-Star Match.

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