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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: Money Farming Guide

Money rules the world, and the world of Pokemon is no different. During Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you will eventually need a ton of cash, whether it be to stock up on potions and revives for the Elite 4 or to buy ridiculous amounts of combat items in the aftermath.

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Unfortunately, getting your hands on big bucks quick can be tough, especially after you’ve worn out all of the regular coaching fights. Re-running the Elite 4 is always an option, but it’s slow and can be challenging if you aren’t leveled to do it. However, there is a great way to make money easily. How to do it.


Updated December 31, 2021: Still looking for easy money in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl? We’ve added a handy video tutorial to further illustrate how to do it!

This is how you can make money quickly with brilliant diamonds and shining pearls

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl BDSP Amulet Coin Location

To start the money economy You need the Vs. viewfinder. You get this as part of the story when Dawn / Lucas asks you to choose a hand. Another thing you might want to get is the amulet coin, which you can get in a tent in Amity Square. This item doubles the amount of money earned in a battle when held by a Pokémon you use in battle.

Once you have the items you need, Make your way to Route 212. Walk past the police officers until you see an old couple. If you haven’t fought them yet, you can fight them either in single fights or in double fights – it doesn’t matter so choose which one you prefer. Once you’ve defeated them, use the Vs. Viewfinder. Like the Pokeradar, the Vs. Seeker takes steps to charge – 100 steps to be exact. Walk or cycle in circles until it’s charged and use it right next to the old couple. One (or both) should be available again for combat.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl BDSP Old Man Rematch vs. Finder Money Farms

You can repeat this as many times as you want just by fighting them and fighting again. These two were chosen because they give so much money – You will get 8,065 Pokedollars with the amulet coin if you beat any of them before the Elite 4. The old man has a level 19 chatot and the old lady has a Roselia of the same level so you shouldn’t have any problems dealing with them.

Once you’re in the aftermath, things change a little. The Pokémon the old couple used stay the same, but their levels go up to 40. If you’ve defeated the Pokémon League, these Pokémon’s levels should still not pose a threat. But as the levels go up, so does the money. You are now rewarded with a whopping 16,320 Pokedollars for every win, which allows you to make money incredibly fast by simply battling the pair with the Vs repeatedly. Viewfinder.

That’s more than enough money, though Things can be made even better with a Pay Day Meowth that will make you a ton of money in battle. You can also use a team of Pokemon with pickup, That gives you a chance to use or sell rare items with every victory. You can even get bottle caps from Pickup.

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