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Picoo is a digital gaming magic wand that encourages kids to get back outside and stay away from their devices – Bestgamingpro

Picoo may not be as well known in our minds as it is with Sony Playstation, but its “console” showcased at CES 2022 is certainly worth a look, especially if you have kids.

If the recent hype about virtual reality headsets and the metaverse worries you about the future, you’ll be relieved to hear that efforts to encourage children to take off their devices and occasionally go out of the house are still being developed . Picoo, for example, has developed a screenless, mobile outdoor game console for teenagers that encourages physical activity outdoors through games like Whack-a-mole.

While it should be called a console, the flashlight-like appearance is extremely user-friendly. In fact, while the Picoo console is innovative, it is quite technical in terms of the actual hardware, it doesn’t require an internet connection (although an app is required for initial setup) and only runs games that use feedback systems such as haptics, light, accelerometer Detection and sounds so that the controls flash if, for example, children find themselves playing hide and seek.

There’s no sitting thumb twirling or pressing buttons as the only buttons are an on / off switch and a single on / off switch. Some of the activities are quite physically demanding, such as

Fortunately, it can also adjust the difficulty of the game based on a player’s skills, so you don’t have to worry about kids of different fitness levels. It can even prevent fights by automatically matching participants in team games so that no one is forced to choose who to have on their side.

“There’s a tremendous draw for teenagers to play sedentary games,” said Iris Soute, Picoo’s CEO and co-founder, in an interview with GamesBeat. Children, on the other hand, still enjoy playing face-to-face outdoors. That’s what video games are missing. Video games have relatively few communication options. “I think the most compelling factor we have over electronic games is that once children are outside and playing outside, they experience a different kind of energy and excitement.”

Picoo starter kits are priced at $ 250 (approximately $ 180 / $ 350) and contain four controllers and five game cards. These cards are scanned into the controllers and the system can communicate with other Picoo controllers via radio. The system can also be expanded with additional controllers and separately available games. The games are also reasonably priced at around $ 5 (£ 3.50 / AUD 7), which is a far cry from the exorbitant prices of actual console games. +

Picoo, you’ve done well so far; Now add Pokémon

That sounds like an incredibly interesting initiative, and I would be delighted if it succeeds. Outside of educational institutions like schools, I don’t think this can compete with the current generation of interactive gaming experiences, and funding enough Picoo controllers for an entire class requires a huge fundraising.

Kids love brands, and while developing games based on current events is unlikely to bring the Picoo up to par with a real system like the Xbox Series X, it can help it sell more. When Pokémon Go was released in 2016, a running simulator that pays you to leave your house, it upset the world for a few months.

Even if it’s too early, the showcase of brand collaborations and games may be what it takes to get kids on board. With a little luck, the current initiative in its current form will arouse the curiosity of children, especially those who have not yet encountered “real” play systems.

Yes, it would be wonderful if children could be distracted by seductive gadgets and technology and instead exposed to nature like previous generations, but the bed is already made and kids love video games. Since the two will be difficult to completely separate, providing video game-like experiences to enjoy outdoors with friends is a good middle ground to consider.

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