Tuesday, May 24, 2022

People can’t stop laughing at Team Liquid’s Bjergsen at the LCS Academy

Today began the 2022 season of the League of Legends Championship Series Academy league. Before the games started tonight, Team Liquid dropped one Notice That would make any longtime LCS fan do a double take: Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg would take a spot at the academy.

Due to complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, mid lane starting Harry “Haeri” Kang from Team Liquid Academy was unable to arrive in Los Angeles and settle with his team before the start of the season . His replacement for the week? Bjergsen, six-time LCS champion, five-time 1st All Pro mid laner, three-time MVP, and current Team Liquid starting mid laner.

At least in Team Liquid’s week one matches against Evil Geniuses Academy and CLG, Bjergsen will start in both Academy and LCS matches. While the plethora of talented mid laners in the Academy are certainly more than up for the challenge, the internet couldn’t help but laugh at the idea of ​​one of the greatest LCS players of all time showing up in a developmental league.

A Strange ‘Debut’

As if the sight of the former TSM goldboy in Team Liquid colors wasn’t enough customization for fans, it was certainly an odd sight to see Bjergsen against the region’s rising stars. Especially since he has never once been substituted out of a game during his playing career. Of course, the Academy mid laners are talented, but the League community couldn’t help but joke about the absurdity of it all.

Many people took this rare opportunity to crack jokes, but Team Liquid Head Analyst Evandro “Yaltz” de Cerqueira made it a point to bring it up his appreciation for Bjergsen, who is stepping up and taking more training time to help his team in a bind.

“I’ve had experiences in the past where some star players couldn’t even remotely be considered for use in the academy for emergencies,” Yaltz said. “Seeing what Bjergsen is doing for the team speaks volumes about who he is as a player and his work ethic.”

Despite all the hype, Team Liquid Academy lost their first game of two in the series to Evil Geniuses Academy due to great coordination around EGA Mid Max “Soligo” Soong’s Twisted Fate and a tough carry from EGA bot laner Muhammed Hasan. Kaori” Şentürk’s Jhin. Bjergsen’s 5/3/4 Sylas gave viewers some exciting moments (like towards the end of this one clip), but it wasn’t enough to stop EGA’s advance.

Team Liquid turned things around in the second game with a different look in the draft. TLA bot laner Sean “Yeon” Sung and newly role-swapped TLA top laner Bradley “Bradley” Benneyworth made appearances on Aphelios and Lucia, and Bjergsen also got a chance to show off his signature Zilean choices.

If you can’t wait until Friday to see Bjergsen back in action with the LCS roster, you can catch him again tomorrow with Team Liquid Academy in their game against CLG Academy.

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