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Options for Most Picked Champions for LoL Worlds 2022

The League of Legends World Championship is starting soon. The over one month-long tournament will feature the best of the best battling it out to finish the 2022 year on top. For many fans, the enjoyment of the games will be enough. But for others, they want the glory of doing well in the Worlds 2022 Pick’Em. This year, Riot Games did the Crystal Ball a bit differently. Here are some options for the most picked champions at LoL Worlds 2022 for people’s Pick’ems.

Below will be the options and rationale as to why they may get picked more than other champions.

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Metagame Changes for Season 10

The Forge God makes his way onto the list. There are a few reasons that he does and could very easily be a top pick (pun intended). He is one of the most consistent and easiest to play champions in the game. His landing is solid into nearly any matchup and he scales incredibly well with his item upgrades. Not to mention that he was a top pick heading into Worlds and did not see any nerfs. Teams will play him to keep their top laners safe, especially into matchups that they are not comfortable in. Expect to see Ornn more than a few times.


With the nerfs to Zeri and Sivir along with their counterparts Lulu and Yuumi, someone has to take over the bot lane meta. Kai’Sa received buffs in the past few patches and has a 21%+ pick rate at Challenger in NA according to U.GG. There is a chance she is banned quite a bit as well but if not, look for her to be impactful. Along with this the way the bot lane is played in major tournaments, there are always a few champions in the bot lane that get focused on with a meta of two or three champions that everyone fights over. If Kai’Sa isn’t a part of this, that would certainly be a surprise.

Lee Sin

Most Picked Champions lol 2022

After some time out of the meta, it would seem as though the buffs to Lee Sin’s W might have been enough for teams to start using him again. To support this, he is getting played at nearly a 15% clip in NA Challengers solo queue according to U.GG. While it may seem odd to just base it on NA Solo Queue, Worlds is happening in North America this year and the players are playing and practicing in Champions Queue along with NA Solo Queue. This means that some trends that are seen here will likely be seen on stage as well. Lastly, Lee Sin is generally a favorite of so many players and when he is available he is a great comfort champion.


The general from the Shadow Isles received major buffs in Patch 12.17 and when Hecarim is in the meta, he’s really in it. There is a chance that he will get banned pretty often as well but the small nerfs in Patch 12.18 might have been enough to put him in a position to be played but not abused. That being said, his win rate is pretty low in challenger despite being played in about 11% of games. This one is a bit more of a long shot but similarly to Lee Sin, when Hecarim is available and playable, pro players love the scythe-wielding half-horse half-ghost man.

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