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OGA Dota Pit Season 5: Team Spirit Beats Team Secret in the Upper Bracket Finals to advance to the Grand Final for OGA Dota Pit.

Team Spirit defeated Team Secret 2-1 in the OGA Dota Pit Upper Bracket Finals today. The TI winners begin to prove that the title wasn’t won on a whim.

team spirit won The International in 2021 and shocked the entire gaming community. The supposed underdogs dominated the lower brackets to reach the Grand Final and the Aegis of champions.

On their way they defeated Team secret in the final of the lower brackets. Puppey looked for redemption. But the story is taking an anti-climatic turn here somewhere.

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The matchup was pretty strange. And Spirit dominated most of the team fights in the entire series. From our point of view, the performance of the Secret squad is worrying.

Deja Vu for Team Secret in the final of the Upper Bracket in the OGA Dota Pit.

Spirit and Secret put it out in a best-of-3. Although Spirit won the series, they lost the first round. They didn’t do much against Sumail’s aggressive style of play.

Game 2 was a different story. TorontoTokyo realized that Sumail must be blocked early. With the help of Mira and Collapse, Team Spirit decided to tend towards early aggression.

The strategic decision paid off for Team Spirit. Secret’s core players were banned and had no card controls. As the gold difference increased, Secret finally admitted defeat.

Game 3 was pretty similar. Greedy drafts didn’t help in the case of Team Secret either. Even if it’s Secrets style, but the core parts of the machinery are missing.

Sumail is new and so is Iceiceice. To be honest, Puppey is extremely demanding as a captain. But there is no doubt that mechanically, Puppey is the most solid player in the entire Dota 2 community.

In OGA Dota Pit, Spirit is the last team to stay in the Upper Bracket. You beat Tundra Esports, OG and Team Secret to advance to the Grand Finale of the Europe / CIS Chapter.

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Is Puppey something? Or is it just stress at work?

Puppey has always been considered one of the best captains on the Dota 2 professional circuit. And he’s held back a little by his team and his design perspective.

Maybe it was all a Puppey experiment that went wrong. Maybe the best of Dota 2 is finally feeling the pressure. But that’s all too early to say.

Clemens “puppet“Ivanov has his good days and bad. And yesterday was certainly not a good one. Also the emptiness left by Matumbaman and Zai is still to be fulfilled.

Icelandic Still struggling to find support. Sumail has regained his confidence. But the cavalry never arrives in time to support the aggressors center.

While you don’t need to worry, the current problems Team Secret is facing are tedious at best. We are quite sure puppet will soon find a suitable style of play for his squad.

In summary, we can only hope that Secret and Puppey don’t get eliminated in the Lower Bracket Finals Tundra sport. Hopefully it will be an unforgettable game.

You can see that OGA Dota Pit Season 5 broadcast on the official Twitch channel here.

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