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NSE esports finals at i68: University of Warwick suffer trio of losses, Portsmouth pick up two wins, DMU T1 crowned LoL champions

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the NSE finals are finally back at LAN this year at Insomnia 68. With the return of grassroots university esports there was plenty of action to get through on day one.

Dota 2: UCL Instant Reflex vs Warwick Ducks

The show began a little later than usual on Saturday morning due to University College London (UCL’s) car breaking down, but the Dota 2 finals e got underway, with esports host Giniro kicking off the day.

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UCL started strongly as they took the first game in convincing fashion. The momentum continued as they took the second game as well, but not without issue. A change in Warwick’s draft, alongside a strong defence, created enough of a problem for UCL to be concerned. However, in the end UCL triumphed and took the series with a clean 3-0 despite Warwick’s best attempts.

Overwatch: Warwick Angels vs Portsmouth Paladins

The next match on the schedule was the Overwatch finals which saw the Warwick Angels against the Portsmouth Paladins. The latter fielded a strong team, which had already won the previous two splits.

Portsmouth took games one and two – but Warwick made their presence known. In the second round of game one, Warwick snatched the point back in overtime as Rosden’s Roadhog ultimate forced Portsmouth off the point. It was clear that Warwick weren’t going down without a fight – and won the next two games in a row.

With a reverse sweep on the table, it was all to play for in the final map. Much like the rest of the match, Portsmouth had a strong start but Warwick fought back and forced the match to go to the very last round. In the end, Portsmouth secured the victory in one spectacular end to the series.

League of Legends: Gray Warwick vs De Montfort University T1

To round off the day, it was Gray Warwick playing against De Montfort University T1 in League of Legends. This was the University of Warwick’s last chance of the day to win a final, while DMU T1 were looking fearless in the face of a strong opponent.

Game one kicked off with a bang as DMU selected a Taric/Pyke bot lane that had seen a few rumblings in scrims. This seemed to have caught Warwick off guard as DMU took the first game. In spite of that, Warwick kicked back with their own unorthodox strategy of Brand APC. But it was not enough as DIDOL MY QUEEN’s epic baron steal closed game two in favor of DMU. In game three, Warwick gave their fans a bit of hopium as they took the win, bringing the score to 2-1. Ultimately, it wasn’t enough as DMU took the series 3-1 to close out the day.

At the end of day one, UCL, Portsmouth and DMU were crowned champions.

SamJ of DMU T1 told Giniro after the match: “You might not be the highest skill level player, but you know, [university esports leagues like NSE] accommodate for everyone.”

A hard day for Warwick then, with three losses in a row.

NSE Day 2 finals at i68

As day two – the final day – of the NSE finals at i68 get underway today (April 17th 2022), Warwick will be hoping for at least one win in Rainbow Six Siege following their three losses in day one.

Today we’ll see finals in Rocket League, Rainbow Six, Valorant and CSGO. We’ll update this article with those results later on.

Rocket League: Portsmouth vs Keele Krakens

Portsmouth picked up their second win in the NSE finals on day two, after defeating Keele Krakens 5-3 in the Rocket League finals.

More to follow.

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