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Nintendo Modder combines Super Mario Galaxy with Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

A Nintendo modder has combined Super Mario Galaxy with Pokemon Diamond & Pearl and turned Sinnoh into a platforming course for Mario.

As one of the most popular developers out there, Nintendo mods are pretty common, no more so than with Pokemon games. We’ve seen Digimon ported into Sword & Shield, random number generators that make things infinitely more difficult, and even custom maps and storylines. However, making an entire region into one level in Super Mario Galaxy is new.

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That’s exactly what RiazorMC did. The video titled Pokemon Diamond in Super Mario Galaxy, shows Mario starting in Twinleaf City and moving through all of Sinnoh to eventually end up in the Pokemon League. RiazorMC doesn’t reveal how they managed to integrate the map into Super Mario Galaxy, but it’s impressive to see Mario walking around on one of Pokemon’s most iconic maps.


Though Mario doesn’t seem able to enter any of the buildings or caves along the way, he can walk down any route, triple jump around the map, and swim in the water to get around. There are also no NPCs or Pokémon to be found along the way, leading some commenters to suggest an alternative title for the video: “A Desperate Mario Seeks Signs of Life or Civilization”. After making his way to the Pokémon League, Mario can even pick up a Staryu, which is a cute little touch.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like RiazorMC will be releasing any of the mods they create, opting instead to feature them on their channel. Also, there isn’t much information on how RiazorMC is porting elements from games into each other, but it seems they work specifically with Wii games. Either way, it’s impressive work.

The video showing the conversion is currently doing the rounds on TikTok, although it’s actually over a year old and its creator RiazorMC has since made several other conversion videos including combining Super Mario Galaxy with Mario Kart Wii and Wii Sports Resort Archery with Minecraft.

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