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New World and Bots; Amazon does not respond

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November 29, 2021, 6:19 pm

Author: Miriam Moszczynska

Bots are a problem in any MMO and things are no different when it comes to New World, where the problem is getting more acute every day.


  1. New world struggles with another problem that appears to be the numerous bots roaming the servers;
  2. Players tired of the game’s lousy bot reporting process are opting for more mundane methods of getting rid of the hassle, such as using mobs.

With the state it is in, New World is unlikely to win players’ trust. It’s not just about laborious, for example Endgame,but now also about the numerous bots that appear on the servers. Players are increasingly complaining about this, although sending reports doesn’t seem to have any effect.

It is well known that the issue of bots is not unique to Amazon Game Studios MMO, this problem is present in every game of the genre and there is little that can be done about it. However, New world‘s community seems to be suffering from this problem much more than other games:

“My server is flooded. It’s the most talked about topic in the world. Never seen such bad bots in a game, “wrote fahoot under a post via bots on Reddit.

“But seriously, thanks for the hint. They were absent for a while, but now they are fully back. Found a group of five fishing at a rare hotspot in Cutlass Keys. Chats were also inundated with messages saying “Gold / Empty Ore For Sale”. Did something happen to let them in again, “wrote 42mir4.

These are just two sample comments. Aside from Reddit, it is also teeming with complaints steam and the official Forums of the game. So the problem seems to be more serious than just the presence of bots. In any case, this can also be seen from such statements:

“Most of the major resource routes on my server have bots. They grow star metal, silk, hemp, iron, leather, and the orichalcum route in stink water. The silk bot, the guy literally has a YouTube channel that explains how to write your own bot script to farm it new world. Lol, it doesn’t even hide it and it’s still not banned, “wrote Revorne-Rev among another post via bots on Reddit.

So far, Amazon doesn’t seem to be responding to user reports in any way, which is why the players took the topic of bots into their own hands. In the comments below the posts we can read about the use of methods known from other MMOs, such as:

  1. Gather groups of enemies (mobs) and then direct them to the bots (although some are “smart” enough to fight them);
  2. Put up tents in the shape of the letter “u” that will block the bots (but some of them can seemingly jump over them).

As you can see, the players are doing everything possible to “save” the game from a bot invasion. The only mystery is how the developer will react to this situation, because New world is already losing Popularity. The recurring problem with the economy of the game, to which the bots also contribute, is also not helpful.

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