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New skills of League of Legends champion Zeri revealed in the trailer

The new League of Legends Marksman Champion, Zeri, the spark of ZaunIt was officially revealed on Thursday after a leak appeared a few days ago.

Zeri has drawn the attention of League of Legends fans everywhere in the past few days after her leak surfaced on social media. Many fans quickly drew comparisons between Zeri and the new VALORANT agent Neon. That’s because they both have electrical powers and similar hairstyles. The English voice actor for Zeri happens to be the same voice actor for Neon. There is no set release date for Zeri yet. However, it is likely that it will hit the public beta environment in the coming days.

First look at Zeri’s in-game abilities

In a two-minute cinema trailer, fans had the opportunity to see Zeri for the first time. The lightning powered champion starts the trailer and fights some thugs in an alley. Soon afterwards it will turn into game material. In the footage, Zeri immediately fires a kind of projectile called Jinx’s “Zap!” resembled. But what happens next delights the fans. Finally, the champion was designed by August “August” Browning, who is known for designing other unique champions such as Jinx, Ekko, and Jhin.

The headline of the social media post on the League of Legends official Twitter account reads: “Lightning always strikes twice. Or three to seven times. ”That’s because Zeri’s automatic attacks don’t seem easy. In the trailer, whenever she automatically attacks, Zeri shoots a series of bullets instead of one constant shot from her gun. The social media post may indicate that their automatic attacks fire a random number of bullets from three to seven.

Later in the trailer, Zeri runs away from a hostile Urgot and confirms that the new ADC has an escape tool that is becoming more common with newer champions in League of Legends. But her bottom line may not be her only way to fill the void.

Seconds later, Zeri crashes through the great wall near the lower lane. The stroke radius is massive and resembles the movement of Zoe’s “Sleepy Trouble Bubble” through the area.

Eventually, Zeri turns it around in a big team fight in the middle lane. She yells “let’s make sure we get out with a boom” before firing a large radius static AoE shock that appears to amplify her next increased static electricity attacks for a sustained period.

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