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New Compass in Minecraft Snapshot 22w14a

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07 April 2022, 13:06

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Java version of Minecraft another received snapshot – 22w14a. This time the game has received a new biome and a very useful item – Recovery Compass.

Yesterday, Minecraft Java version received another snapshot, which, similarly to previous one, surprised the players. This time it’s not about a new mob, but an item – Recovery Compass. Players are happy with this novelty and it will certainly become the attribute of a traveler.

What’s so special about the compass?

Here’s the thing: so far the markings of places of death in Minecraft were only visible thanks to mods.. This will change now – the compass will make expeditions much easier for those who tend to end their escapades before returning home or reaching their destination.

New Compass in Minecraft;  Makes Traveling Much Easier - picture #1

This is how the compass looks in the game. Source: Minecraft Wiki

In the description of snapshot 22w14a we can find a number of information about the new item.

  • Unlike the regular compass, the Recovery Compass indicates the last place where the player died.
  • If the player is not in the dimension where they last died, or has not experienced “You died” on their screen at all, the compass will rotate randomly.
  • Recovery Compass can be crafted with one regular compass and 8 Echo Shards, which were also introduced to the game with the new snapshot.

It’s worth noting that the regular compass, which was available in the game so far, indicated the player’s starting point on the map. It was possible to change it with the use of commands, but it was still not very helpful.

Nice item, but not for hardcore fans

The community reacted very positively to the news of the new item. Also, the snapshot itself was received quite warmly.

Of course, there are some Minecraft players who don’t enjoy watching the death screen over and over again and the new compass is of no value to them.

“The recovery compass will be good to have on hand if you travel a lot! And hopefully Soul Shards will have more than just one property. Because lately there have been a lot of items with barely two recipes, like goat horn and amethyst,” wrote Scrazad

“I have already lost many items just by getting lost along the way to recover them. Recovery Compass is a blessing to me,” wrote kinokomushroom

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“Recovery Compass: *exists*.

Hardcore gamers: wow, this is useless,” wrote mining_moron

Lots of new features in the snapshot

Of course, Minecraft is more than just the new compass, and the new update also brough other improvements and changes.

  • A new biome has been introduced – Mangrove Swamp. It can be found in places with a warmer climate, that is where the usual swamps used to be. The location also features a new type of trees.
  • The ability to regenerate clay has appeared. Just put a block of mud on a pointy formation and it will turn into the aforementioned clay after some time.
  • Warden has also changed, and now he attacks not only players who bump into it, but also other creatures.

In addition, quite a few bugs have been fixed. If you would like to read the entire description of snapshot 22w14a you can do so on the official website of Minecraft.

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