Monday, December 5, 2022

Nemesis breaks down why League’s Champions Queue is doomed

Champions Queue is an invite only League of Legends server established on the grounds to design a competitive environment similar to e-houses for both pro-players and aspiring pro-players. Initially launched on Feb. 7, Champions Queue miserably failed because it was packed with trolls, griefers, and rage quitters. Even after such an unsuccessful beginning, Riot Games is bringing back Champions Queue for Worlds 2022. Although initially a great marketing move, Champions Queue continues to face backlash across the board, with Nemesis being the last person to mercilessly break down the reasons why it’s doomed .

In a Youtube video titled “Champions Queue is a Failure,” Nemesis takes a deep dive into why Champions Queue is a failure.

The first issue he brings up is the invitation bias which means that Riot invites the players to their liking rather than real professional players. He also shares how his and Caedrel’s invitation to join the queue was revoked due to them not being on the active Worlds roster.

On top of that, Champions Queue, which, according to rules, doesn’t allow one-trick ponies, is actually letting low-ranked one-tricks participate. This will, more often than not, lead to low-quality games and, inevitably, pro-players giving up on the Champions Queue entirely.

Nemesis also thinks Champions Queue will only be somewhat successful during Worlds 2022, but in the long run, it’s a failure since Riot is rejecting big streamers like imaqtpie, Sanchovies, Shiptur, and Caedrel.

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