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Mysterious Cyberpunk 2077 Location Available Thanks to Mods

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02 September 2022, 13:53

author: Miriam Moszczynska

A Cyberpunk 2077 player has created a mod that gives access to a hidden location. There are also new quests that enable us to upgrade our character.

While gamers don’t necessarily trust new discoveries of hidden locations in games, after what has been happening due to talented modders in NieR: Automata, they are unlikely to have any doubts in this case. One of the projects for Cyberpunk 2077 actually reveals a previously inaccessible location. The location in question is the Lower Market, located near V’s apartment.

How to get to the location?

A mod by any good name will be necessary for this. Uploaded to Nexus Mods, the project not only unlocks an inaccessible location, but also adds various tasks to it. For completing them, the player receives perk points, which can then be used to upgrade the character.

Mysterious Cyberpunk 2077 Location Available Thanks to Mods - picture #1

Nevertheless, the way to the Lower Market itself is trivially simple. The entrance, or more precisely, the elevator, is located near V’s apartment. It will not work immediately – the player has to repair it first. After that, the gates to this mysterious location will stand open.

It is worth mentioning that the Lower Market will become available only after completing the mission titled The Gift.

Tasks in the Lower Market

The determinant of how many quests you will receive is how many perk points you have already earned. As you know, it is impossible to accumulate them indefinitely, therefore, when you reach the limit set by the game, you will no longer receive tasks in Lower Market.

  1. You can download the Lower Market modification here

However, if this limitation does not apply to you, you will be assigned a new task with each subsequent appearance in the location. You can perform up to 5 tasks at the same time. What do they consist of? It’s nothing more than solving puzzles at Access Points.>

Mysterious Cyberpunk 2077 Location Available Thanks to Mods - picture #2

At the moment when the task does not go your way, ie you screw up, nothing is lost. As the developer assures, the points will not be lost – you will get them next time.

There are many details in the modification, so I encourage you to read its full descriptionwhere the creator dispels all doubts.

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