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MultiVersus: Wonder Woman Guide

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MultiVersus undeniably has a lively cast of characters. However, there is only one character who is provided for free: Wonder Woman. The good news is that Wonder Woman is a fantastic character, and we aren’t just talking about her as an iconic hero. She is a durable, versatile character. She is able to fight opponents effectively, but she also provides excellent survivability to her partner.

Related: MultiVersus: Beginner TipsBut what are her best moves? And how do you get the most out of them? So, which signature perks should you use? Well, for every question you have about Wonder Woman, and the best way to play her, we have an answer. Let us help you become the badass amazing warrior you were born to be!


Ability Overview

Wonder Woman has an incredibly diverse set of attacks that allow her to effectively menace opponents all around the stage. While she is categorized as being a “horizontal” type of character, she actually has some truly excellent vertical attacks as well; they just require an added degree of skill to use effectively. For the sake of readability, we have separated her movelist into “grounded” and “aerial” attacks.

Grounded attacks

Surname command image Additional Properties Description
Sword Of Ares attack MultiVersus, Wonder Woman, Neutral normal Chargeable This is your standard, chargeable attack. It has a decent range, but it isn’t particularly fast.
amazon combo Forward + Attack MultiVersus, Wonder Woman, Forward Normal This attack combos into itself three times. It has better range than a lot of characters’ normal attacks, but it is a touch slower. You can jump cancel the first or second hit to combo into her Flying Warrior special attack.
Shield Bash Up + Attack MultiVersus, Wonder Woman, Up Normal Chargeable This is a very great chargeable up attack. It is reminiscent of what you would see from a sword user in a Smash Bros game. It is chargeable and has a decent range.

Some stages have platforms that are close enough to the ground that you can hit your opponents with this attack while standing under them, which is very sneaky.

Amazon Shout Down + Attack MultiVersus, Wonder Woman, Down Normal Chargeable, Grant’s Armor Every time you tank a shot using armor, you build a bar. This move is what uses that bar. Once fully charged, and after having filled the aforementioned bar, this is an attack that has pretty incredible range, does a ton of damage, and will send injured enemies flying in every direction.

Used effectively, this is an incredible tool. The biggest downside is that charging this attack does leave you vulnerable.

Lasso Of Truth Special MultiVersus, Wonder Woman, Nuetral Special projectiles This is Wonder Woman’s iconic lasso. This will grab the enemy and bring them close to you. This is a pretty good attack, but it requires an amount of skill to use effectively. It is far reaching, but is also a pretty heavy commitment. It also has a cooldown, so you can’t just spam the lasso.

You can aim the lasso diagonally up or down, and you can even input the direction long after using the attack. So, if you see your opponent trying to hop over it, you can still snag ’em.

In partner play, the lasso has another function: it can rescue your partner. If they are being comboed, you can yank your partner away to safety. You can also help them get back to the main platform using this trick, which would be super clutch!

Warrior’s charge Forward + Special MultiVersus, Wonder Woman, Forward Special Provide’s Armor This is your blocking special. It will stop projectiles, and you can charge it to create a projectile wall. If your ally passes through you while you have this special active you will give them a little armor.
flying warrior Up + special MultiVersus, Wonder Woman, Up Special This is a great attack! It has a very large hitbox, which makes it easy to hit opponents with. You can combo into the Flying Warrior by jump canceling the first or second hit of your Amazon Combo. You can also sometimes combo the Rising Kick aerial attack after it (depending on your opponent’s health and weight).

Flying Warrior can knock people off the screen, but your opponent will need to be pretty injured or very close to the top. As a bonus, your teammate can use your shield as a platform.

Defense Of The Gods Down + Special MultiVersus, Wonder Woman, Down Special Cleanse, Armor Buff This special places a shield around you that will allow you to tank a hit. It will also cleanse any negative status effects. Obviously, this is an incredibly potent tool. This is why it has a cooldown associated with it.

This is an incredible tool in general, but it is even better when playing with a partner. If you are within a half-screen width of distance from your opponent, you will immediately travel directly to them. Not only does this provide them with the armor buff, but it’s also a great way to get out of a sticky situation.

Aerial attacks

Surname command image Additional Properties Description
Whirling Sword attack MultiVersus, Wonder Woman, Nuetral Air Normal Armor breaking While it’s nice that it breaks armor, the range of this attack isn’t phenomenal. It is still a nice tool to have, but should primarily be used when fighting armored foes.
flying slash Forward + Attack MultiVersus, Wonder Woman, Forward Air Normal This is a very simple, yet effective attack. It has a nice, juicy hitbox, and is probably going to be a mainstay of your arsenal. You can also follow up with the Lasso of Truth for a sneaky mixup.
Rising kick Up + Attack MultiVersus, Wonder Woman, Up Air Normal This attack is one of Wonder Woman’s best ways of getting rid of opponents. It has a good hitbox, hits directly above Wonder Woman’s head, and is your best move for getting opponents out at the top of the screen. It can also combo off of her Up Aerial Special (though this is dependent on a few factors, such as how much damage your opponent has taken).

surprisingly, you can actually spike with this attack as well if you hit with the toe at the end of the kick’s arc. This will require that you be facing away from your opponent when you perform this move. This is definitely one of Wonder Woman’s best attacks.

Falling Spear Down + Attack MultiVersus, Wonder Woman, Down Air Normal Wonder Woman’s Down Aerial Attack is quite good, but also very hard to use. On the plus side it hits directly under her, is fast, and creates an opportunity for a combo if it lands on a grounded opponent.

However, the hitbox on this attack is very slim, so you will need to be pretty precise when hitting it. However, since this is essentially your only way to attack opponents who are directly under you, you absolutely need to get familiar with it: especially if you want to do any edge guarding at all.

Lasso Of Truth Special MultiVersus, Wonder Woman, Nuetral Air Special This is the same as the grounded version of the move, but in the air.
Soaring Punch Forward + Special MultiVersus, Wonder Woman, Forward Air Special Here it is: Wonder Woman’s best way of knocking opponents off the stage. This punch lunges Wonder Woman toward her opponent and deals a heavily damaging attack. It is her single best way of knocking people out of the arena to the left or the right. It is especially good for finishing people who are off the platform and trying to recover.

You perform this move very close to the ground. So, if your opponent is badly injured, you can do a short hop and still hit them with this lunging attack, even if they are grounded. Or, if you are already in the air, you can almost fall while performing this attack to catch a ground opponent.

flying warrior Up + special MultiVersus, Wonder Woman, Up Air Special This is the same as the grounded version, but in the air. One thing to note is that if you are using this move to get back to the main platform after being knocked far away, it floats. So, you can hold it and travel horizontally for quite some time (though on a slight downward angle, so it isn’t quite as useful when you are close to the bottom of the screen).
Defense Of The Gods Down + Special MultiVersus, Wonder Woman, Down Air Special Cleanse, Armor Buff This is the same attack as the grounded version; just remember that if you are within half a screen of your partner you will zip to them, making this move extremely good for escaping situations where you are compromised in the air.

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If you are looking at Wonder Woman’s movelist above and wondering what the catch is, we have good news: there isn’t one. Wonder Woman is an excellent all-around fighter who has fantastic survivability. she can neutralize projectiles with her Warrior’s Charge, she can provide her teammates with a steady stream of armor buffs, and she can go toe to toe with the strongest of enemies.

Wonder Woman’s only real weakness is that some of her best moves require a touch more precision than some of the best attackers in the game. She is also a very honest characterr, which can be a bit of a disadvantage in a game where your opponents have some incredibly potent—and if we are being honest, a little cheesy—attacks.

Wonder Woman does tend to be a touch slower than average, but she makes up for that by having above-average range on her attacks. So, spacing is going to be a key component of your gameplay. This focus on space is especially important when timing her Amazon Shout or utilizing her Lasso of Truth. When your opponents are thoroughly damaged, start looking to land the Soaring Punch special or her Rising Kick attack.

If you are edge guarding (trying to prevent your opponent from making it back to the platform after having been knocked away), use the Soaring Punch for opponents coming in from the side, and the Rising Kick for opponents who are above or below you (as it is also an excellent spiking attack). Wonder Woman’s Amazon Shout can also be really potent here.

Team Play Strategy

Most of your time spent playing MultiVersus will probably be in the 2v2 mode. So, the one thing you really want to look for when you are playing Wonder Woman on a team is to keep your ally armored as much as humanly possible. This means applying Defense of the Gods whenever you can and passing them with the Warrior’s Charge. If you see them getting ganked, you can also use your lasso to pull your partner out of the fray.

Wonder Woman’s Progression Unlocks

Wonder Woman’s Signature Perk Overview

So, there really isn’t a clear winner when it comes to Wonder Woman’s signature perks. Shield of Athena gives Wonder Woman the ability to become even more durable, which is just emphasizing one of her strongest features. Similarly, Grapple of Hermes gives Wonder Woman another tool for making it back to the primary platformwhich is already something that Wonder Woman is quite good at doing.

Finally, Whip of Hephaestus makes her lasso an even more effective attack, as the tip of the whip will now knock back enemies. This can be a pretty novel edge guarding tool and really helps add versatility to an already pretty versatile move. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of these perks. However, if we have to give a recommendation, we would go with the Whip of Hephaestus, as it helps her offense, which is arguably the element that she doesn’t excel at.

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