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MultiVersus: Reindog Guide

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MultiVersus has a number of different modes, but one of the marquee ways to play the game is its 2v2 mode. To accommodate this mode, there are a few key players who are particularly strong in team play. While Reindog may not have the most support abilities in the game, he may just have the most potent one.

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Reindog does an admirable job of buffing his opponents with a number of elemental effects, including the ability to ignite your partner’s projectiles, but his standout ability can actually save a teammate headed for the edge of the screen! And when Reindog isn’t helping their partner out by pulling them away from certain death, they are providing support from afar with their powerful projectiles.


Ability Overview

MultiVersus, Reindog's Lightning Hits Shaggy

While Reindog is a support character, the majority of the time he plays more like a mage. Your game plan is going to revolve around firing projectiles at your enemies from afar. Reindog is potent at a distance, but stumpy and slow up close. However, your most game-changing special is where your support classification comes from. When you tether your Love Leash to an ally, you can yank them out of trouble. And that is a great important part of Reindog’s game. He can save both characters who would otherwise be doomed, or pull allies away from sticky situations that would almost certainly lead to them taking a huge amount of damage.

So then, when you are playing Reindog you are going to need to have a certain level of awareness of the battlefield as a whole. Reindog’s attacks are all pretty easy to understand, it is that necessary level of awareness that can make Reindog a little tricky to play.

Grounded attacks

Surname command image Additional Properties Description
Ptoo! attack MultiVersus, Reindog, Ptoo! Chargeable, Projectile This is going to be your primary ranged attack. It can be charged to do more damage, it can be aimed, and it will ricochet across surfaces.

It is important that you become comfortable with aiming your Ptoo! attack, as you will be relying on it quite a bit.

fluffy combo Forward + Attack MultiVersus, Reindog, Pathetic Forward Attack Reindog’s combo attack is very stubby. You should only be using this when you combo into it from your Spin-Dog attack.
Back Bumpers Up + Attack Multi Versus, Reindog, Up Attack Chargeable This is a pretty standard up-tilt attack, but the majority of Reindog’s unlike grounded attacks, this one actually has pretty good range. The charged version of this attack is, in particular, very rangy.
tail swipe Down + Attack Multi Versus, Reindog, Down Attack Chargeable, Armor Breaking This attack is Reindog’s way to break armor. As is typically the case with his grounded attacks, it isn’t particularly rangy.
Love Leash Special MultiVersus, Reindog, Love Leash projectiles The Love Leash is a potent tool that genuinely defines Reindog. It is a two for one special. on one hand any opponent who overlaps with the leash will take continuous damage. On top of that you can tether it to your partner and yank ’em out of trouble.
flounce pounce Forward + Special MultiVersus, Reindog, Forward Special Attack Chargeable Reindog’s pouncing attack is… fine? It doesn’t do amazing damage, and it really leaves Reindog a spitting target, but it does have okay rangeand it is a way to potentially KO a wounded opponent.

Only use this if you are sure it will land. In general, you are far better off depending on this attack’s aerial equivalent (Fireworks Master).

Power Crystal Up + special Multi Versus, Reindog, Power Crystal Special Chargeable, Projectile, Shock, Electrifies Allys This attack places a crystal high in the air that will periodically fire a lightning bolt down below. The longer you charge it, the higher up in the air the crystal will go. This is an incredible move for controlling space. Place it nearby you to give you some protection.

The lightning bolt will give you and your partner the electrified buff, while it will shock and damage your opponents.

When you are on a stage that has multiple levels, it will often serve you to use the unchanged version of this attack. At least if you are trying to control the bottom platform.

Fireball Down + Special Multi Versus, Reindog, Fireball Special Ignite, chargeable This is Reindog’s other big projectile. It is a slow-moving, giant ball of fire. It is great for controlling space, and once it makes contact with the ground it becomes a wall of flames.

Projectiles that pass through the firewall will also apply the ignite statusso make sure you always have a firewall down in front of Reindog

While it is true that this special has a cooldown associated with it, that is only after you fire three of these giant projectiles. If you pace yourself appropriately, you can keep a steady stream of these going.

Aerial attacks

Surname command image Additional Properties Description
Ptoo! attack MultiVersus, Reindog, Aerial Fireball Chargeable, Projectile This is the same attack as the grounded version, but performed from the air.
Spin Dog Forward + Attack MultiVersus, Reindog, Aerial Forward Attack Spin-Dog is a pretty solid approach tool from the air. It helps lock down your opponent, as it hits multiple times, and it leads into a couple of attacks, such as the Fluffly Combo.
Flying Chomp Up + Attack Multi Versus, Reindog, Aerial Up Attack Flying Chomp is a pretty decent up attack, but not
Tail Swat Down + Attack MultiVersus Reindog Down Attack 1 Chargeable Tail Swat is Reindog’s spiking attack. It has excellent range and is a great way to take out opponents clinging to walls below you. It also continues the trend of characters who are projectile focused having good spikes. odd
Love Leash Special MultiVersus, Reindog, Aerial Love Leash projectiles Love Leash operates in the same way in the air that it does on the ground.
Fireworks Master Forward + Special MultiVersus, Reindog, Aerial Forward Special Chargeable Reindog’s pouncing attack is… fine? It doesn’t do amazing damage, and it really leaves Reindog a spitting target, but it does have okay rangeand it is a way to potentially KO a wounded opponent.

Only use this if you are sure it will land. In general, you are far better off depending on this attack’s aerial equivalent (Fireworks Master).

Flying Floof Up + special Multi Versus, Reindog, Aerial Up Special This is, by far, Reindog’s oddest move. It turns you into a ball and does NOT have a hit box. So this is explicitly not an attack. However, you do move pretty quickly in your ball form. So, it does give Reindog a way to move quickly.

It is worth noting that when you are in your ball form, your partner can pick you up and throw you at enemies for a very respectable amount of damage. This is neat, but maybe not the most useful thing in the world.

Fireball Down + Special MultiVersus-Reindog-Aerial-Fireball-1 Ignite Reindog’s Fireball is essentially the same in the air, except you can’t charge it, and it will always fire downward. Everything else is the same.

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Your strategy with Reindog is actually quite simple. Stay away from enemies when possible, use your fireball and lightning crystal as obstacles to help protect you, fire projectiles at your opponents from a distance, and tether the Love Leash to your partner so that you can do damage passively and yank them out of trouble .

So, let’s start with the setup. It is a good idea to get a wall of fire down in front of you, this will help discourage your enemies from approaching from the ground while also give your Ptoo projectile the ignite status. Next, you are going to want to set your Power Crystal down near where you are. This will provide you with another little obstacle you can use to combat aggressive enemies. they try to swarm you, dance around the crystal, and see if you can shock them.

As for the projectiles, you are going to be primarily using your Ptoo! projectile, as it doesn’t have a cooldown, but you also start with three fireballs at your disposal, so feel free to use them as well. If you space your usage out appropriately, you should have a steady supply of them. Remember, you can fire all of these projectiles from the air, as well.

When the enemy eventually does decide to rush you, try to bat the out of the air with your Back Bump or hit them with your Fireworks Master aerial attack. Those are the close-range melee attacks that can help you out in a pinch. Whenever you hit your enemy hard enough to bat them away, just set your Power Crystal down again, and get some more firewalls set up, and return to harassing your opponents with your projectiles. Rinse and repeat until you see the victory screen.

Team Play Strategy

So, Reindog’s Power Crystal and Fireball can buff your partner. Which is good. However, your primary role in a team, as far as your partner is concerned, is yanking them when they are in trouble. Your Love Leash does have a cooldown associated with it, so you are going to need to try to use it wisely. Yank your partner if they are being comboed, or are being knocked off the arena. Once your partner starts getting hurt, you are going to need to be on the ball, as you will need to quickly tether to them and pull them in once you see them in a particularly dangerous situation.

Reindog’s Progression Unlocks

Reindog’s Signature Perk Overview

Reindog is another one of those characters that provide you with a real dilemma. Do you want a Power Crystal that will track to where you are, taking a great move and making it even better? Well, the Crystal Pal is the Signature Perk for you. It will make it so that you don’t have to reposition your Crystal when you reposition. Or do you want to make your fireballs an even more potent obstacle on the battlefield? Fire Fluff is a fantastic choice, as it will make the firewall the fireballs leave on the ground far larger. Honestly, we don’t think there is a “wrong” choice here. Both serve a purpose and can help Reindog be a better character.

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