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MultiVersus: Harley Quinn Guide

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while MultiVersus has an incredibly diverse roster of characters, it isn’t hard to see which property got the most attention: the DC heroes. However, if that means we get more incredibly dynamic, slick, and outright fun characters like Harley Quinn, then we aren’t going to complain.

Related: MultiVersus: Beginner TipsIf you jump straight in with Harley, you may feel like it is a bit of a struggle. She can get slapped around pretty quickly. You may wonder why you would bother using her over one of the other, more robust, DC heroes. However, once you understand how truly potent her vertical attacks can be, it will all start to click. We will make sure to take you through all of her moves, her signature perks, and how to put it all together. We aren’t clowning around, here!


Ability Overview

Harley Quinn is categorized as a “vertical” focused character, and it isn’t hard to see why. When it comes to characters with potent tools for taking enemies out at the top of the screen, she is probably the best of the best. She is an assassin class characterso she is very light and can be bumped off the platform if someone blows on her too hard.

However, the game What generous enough to give her a versatile set of moves that allow her to come back from just about anywhere on the screen. Harley is a classic glass cannon, and her mover reflects that brilliantly. But as is typical for glass cannon characters, she has an impressive amount of powerful tools to help her claim that W.

Grounded attacks

Surname command image Additional Properties Description
whack attack MultiVersus, Harley Quinn, Nuetral Normal Chargeable This move is incredible. Not only does it hit exceedingly hard, but it even has a hitbox that reaches behind Harley. It is a great move, but it has poor recovery. Just remember that you can dash out of this attack while you are charging. So, if you don’t think it is going to hit, abandon ship.

This should be part of your toolset when edge guarding. Keep in mind that it has a sweet spot on the back end of the swing. This means that if it hits someone behind you, it is more potent.

clown combo Forward + Attack MultiVersus, Harley Quinn, Clown Combo This is a great combo attack that leads directly into a number of Harley’s specials. It is fast and has a very respectable range.

An excellent use of this attack is to use it to combo into her Batter Up! special attack. Harley is great at dispatching opponents when they are above her, so this can be very potent.

heads up Up + Attack MultiVersus, Harley Quinn, Heads Up! Chargeable This is another strong tool for launching characters into the air. It has a great hitbox and will lead directly into Batter Up!
sliders Down + Attack MultiVersus, Harley Quinn, Down Normal Chargeable You can charge this move, and it will hit at an extended range. It will also combo into a second hit that packs some decent power.
Stuffie Bat Special MultiVersus, Harley Quinn, Nuetral Special confetti, OK, here we go. This is one of Harley’s cheesiest attacks. It is a bomb that you throw at your opponent and can detonate. Once this is attached to her opponent, she can detonate it at any time.

This means that you can combo your opponent to the top of the screen with her Head Up! and Batter Up! specials and then detonate the Stuffie Bat to ring them out. This is some degenerate stuff!

prank shot Forward + Special MultiVersus, Harley Quinn, Forward Special This is a very sneaky keep-away tool that also gives Harley some extra mobility (not that she needed any more). Press in the direction you want to dash and Harley will fire her boxing glove gun in the opposite direction.

This is a pretty good move on its own, and you can dash up after the boxing glove lands to combo into your Clown Combo attack.

batter up Up + special MultiVersus, Harley Quinn, Up Special Air Oh no, she has another amazing upward attack. The hitbox on this move is utterly obscene. It combos into itself at most percentages, but also leads nicely into her Confetti Grenade attack. This is one of your go-to moves.

You can go directly into this attack off of a Clown Combo hit.

Jerk In The Box Down + Special MultiVersus, Harley Quinn, Down Special Refresh Air Moves This move sets a trap on the ground that will launch your opponents if they step on it. You are going to want to plan these around the arena whenever you have a moment. They make the stage a deadly place for your enemies.

The Jerk-In-A-Box can also be used by your partner (or yourself) to refresh their jumps.

Aerial attacks

Surname command image Additional Properties Description
Aerial Pummeler attack MultiVersus, Harley Quinn, Nuetral Normal Air Chargeable This is an airborne version of Whack. It has a great hotbox and does a nice chunk of damage.
Flying kicks Forward + Attack MultiVersus, Harley Quinn, Forward Normal Air This is one of the best space control tools that Harley has access to. It is blindingly fast, will combo into a number of her attacks, and is difficult to punish.

This is your best tool for approaching. You can almost fall with it, or just do it off of a short hop if you want to hit grounded opponents. In some ways, it may seem pretty no-frills, but it’s an incredible attack.

Confetti grenade Up + Attack MultiVersus, Harley Quinn, Up Attack Air confetti Oof, this move is part of Harley absolutely absurd vertical toolset. Confetti Grenade is stunningly quick and applies confetti to your opponent on hit.

This move pairs well with the Batter Up! special. You can swap between the two and KO opponents at the top of the screen. This move is ridiculous!

boxing wrestlers Down + Attack MultiVersus, Harley Quinn, Down Normal Air Chargeable This is a potent spike attack with fantastic range. That makes it an excellent tool for edge guarding. However, you need to be directly above your opponent, or it want miss.
Stuffie Bat Special MultiVersus, Harley Quinn, Nuetral Special Air confetti, The aerial version of her Stuffie Bat is exactly the same as the grounded version.
prank shot Forward + Special MultiVersus, Harley Quinn, Forward Special Air Her prank shot works the same in the air as it does on the ground. However, one thing to keep in mind is how far this moves her to the side. That makes this move great for getting back to the main platform!
batter up Up + special MultiVersus, Harley Quinn, Up Special Air Like most of her other specials in the air, Harley’s Batter Up! works the same in the air as it does on the ground.
Jerk In The Box Down + Special MultiVersus, Harley Quinn, Down Special Air Refresh Air Moves While the Jerk-In-The-Box does operate the same as the grounded version, there is one element that really makes it a unique aerial tool. It essentially stops her, midair, for a second or two. That makes it a useful tool for avoiding an opponent’s attack if they are trying to time you from below.

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Harley Quinn’s battle strategy is pretty simple. You will have two phases of attacks. You will skirmish, and engage. When you are skirmishing, you will play keep away using Harley’s Prank Shot, while setting up Jerk-In-The-Boxes around the arena, and sticking people with Stuffie Bats. Then, once you have set up the play area to your liking, or you see an opportunity, you will engage.

When you are engaging your opponents, you want to clip your foe with your Clown Combo, Slider, or Flying Kicks. Then, you will want to combo those attacks into your Batter Up!. from there, when they are in the air, you are going to try to alternate between your Confetti Grenade and Batter Up! attacks. The goal is to pop them off the top of the screen. If you stuck them with a Stuffie Bat, you will want to detonate it near the top of the screen.

Finally, look for opportunities when the enemy is distracted and try to land your Whack or Aerial Pummeler. If someone gets knocked off the platform, place Jerk-In-A-Boxes near the ledge, and engage them as they try to get back on the platform with Prank Shots; or, if they are coming from below, Boxing Ringers.

Team Play Strategy

Harley isn’t really a huge team players. However, there are two specials she can use to help her teammates out. The best of them is to stick a Stuffi Bat to your partner. This way if they start getting pummeled you can detonate it to blast the other team off of your ally. beyond that, by placing Jerk-In-The-Boxes around the edge of the arena you are both creating obstacles for your opponents other providing your partner with a way to replenish their jumps!

Harley Quinn’s Progression Unlocks

Harley Quinn’s Signature Perk Overview

All of Harley’s Signature Perks are, at the very least, pretty interesting. Confetti Explosion is a unique Signature Perk in that it actually has a downside; it removes the ignite debuff from her confetti effect. However, in its place, the enemy will be launched upward. As you may expect, this means that you can get even more cheesy kills when using Harley’s vertical attacks.

Glove Control is on excellent perk to have, as it allows you to aim your Boxing Ringer attack. This makes that move even more potent than it already was for edge guarding. You can even ricochet her boxing glove across surfaces to hit at tricky angles. This feels like a tool with incredible potential, but you are going to need to put the work in, as it does require some precision to use effectively.

The last Signature Perk is Smooth Moves. We aren’t certain if this perk has the same long-term potential as the other two, but it’s the easiest one to get utility out of immediately. Smooth Moves makes her Prank Shot invincible during the startup frames. This means that a move that was already useful for harassing your opponent becomes even more obnoxious. Of the three, this is the easiest one to use effectively out of the gate, but the other two are very good as well.

At the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with any of Harley’s Signature Perks. If you want more cheesy setups, Confetti Explosion is a good choice, if you want more powerful edge control, take the Boxing Ringer, and if you want to harass your opponents more, Smooth Moves is for you.

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