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MultiVersus: Batman Guide

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MultiVersus is a game that features a pretty wild cast of characters that seem packed with unique, quirky elements. Of all the characters—and all their unique toolkits—Batman feels the most “normal”. But don’t let that discourage you, Batman is an extremely effective character that has an incredibly focused set of tools.

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One of the best things about Batman is that he is more than capable of going toe to toe with every character in the game, and you don’t have to juggle as much information in your head as you do with other characters. Batman May just be one of the most beginner-friendly characters in the game for that reason alone.


Ability Overview

Batman is a vertical bruiser. Of all the characters in the game, Batman’s classification really gets to the heart of his character. Sure Velma may be a “support” character, but she is also, essentially, a mage. There is nothing like that with Batman. His whole thing is being in your face, and attacking relentlessly. He is one of the game’s most relentless rushdown characters, and he feels like he is, essentially, the archetypal bruiser of MultiVersus.

As for the vertical bit, once again, that is exactly who Batman is. Almost all of his kills are likely to be at the top of the screen or the bottom of the screen. He has great attacks for hitting above and below. This is all a big part of Batman’s appeal. You will enter into every encounter with a pretty clear gameplan. A game plan that gets more obvious when you really dive into his moves.

Grounded attacks

Surname command image Additional Properties Description
batarang attack MultiVersus, Batman, Neutral Attack Chargeable, Projectile, Weakened This is the crown jewel of Batman’s kit. The batarang is what you will use to close distance as you grapple in, and is the best way to hit opponents with your bomb.

You can also throw the Batarang, jump into the air, and it will come back to you while spinning around Batman, providing cover during aerial fights.

Make retrieving the Batarang a priorityas it is a huge part of Batman’s game plan.

bat combo Forward + Attack MultiVersus, Batman, Forward Attack This is a pretty standard combo sequence. It ends with an uppercut which will lead into your other up attacks.
Clear The Air Up + Attack MultiVersus, Batman, Up Attack Chargeable, weakened This is a pretty good overhead attack that can be charged. While it isn’t quite as strong as your Rising Bat, it does apply a stack of weaknessso it is worth utilizing when possible.
Bat Slide Down + Attack MultiVersus, Batman, Down Attack Chargeable This down attack is another combo and has pretty good range, especially when charged.
Bat Bomb Special Multi Versus, Batman, Neutral Special Your Bat-Bomb is an incredibly valuable tool. The bomb will explode shortly after attaching to an opponent. The explosion will send them straight up.

To attach the Bat-Bomb you simply need to hit your opponent with an attack after you take it out. You can (and should) do this with your Batarang.

The Bat-Bomb is Batman’s best way to get an earlier kill. Follow the Bat-Bomb with a Rising Bat and you will be able to get lighter characters out early.

Bat Grapple Forward + Special MultiVersus, Batman, Forward Special This is another staple move of Batman’s kit. It has no armor, so you are going to want to cover yourself with a Batarang, but it is fast and far-reaching

This tool is the reason why Batman will rarely die by being batted off the main platform. He can always grapple back.

Rising Bat Up + special MultiVersus, Batman, Up Special Chargeable This is an excellent upward attack and will be your primary way of eliminating opponents.

This attack is chargeable, so make sure to make use of that when you see an opening (and remember, your opponents can’t see what you are doing when you are covered by the Smoke Bomb.

It is just a hard-hitting upward attack with great range. Straightforward, but very effective. Batman doesn’t have many hard-hitting attacks, so the Rising Bat is pivotal for his gameplan.

smoke bomb Down + Special MultiVersus, Batman, Down Special Invisibility, Projectile Sidestep, Increased Dodge Meter Recovery, Brief Invulnerability, Hasten (for Batman only), Slows Enemies The Smoke Bomb buffs you and your party while also providing your team immunity from projectiles. When you have it, you should put it down.

Since your opponents can’t see what you are doing, this move is also great for sneaky shenanigans.

Aerial attacks

Surname command image Additional Properties Description
Aerial Batarang attack MultiVersus, Batman, Neutral Attack Air Chargeable, Projectile, Weakened This is the same attack as the grounded version, just in the air.
Bat Strike Forward + Attack MultiVersus, Batman, Forward Attack Air weakened A great, fast attack you can use to approach opponents from the air. It is a combo-style attack. So it weakness applies on the second hit.

You can be pretty sneaky with the second hit of this attack, as it does rush you forward. So whiff the first hit midair, and then input the second to suddenly lunge into your opponent. This is maybe a touch gimmicky, but it is almost enough that it will even land on people who are ready for it.

Flying upper cut Up + Attack MultiVersus, Batman, Up Attack Air Chargeable, weakened While this is pretty similar to the grounded equivalent, you actually get a comboable second hit in the air that applies weakness.
Bat Kick Down + Attack MultiVersus, Batman, Down Attack Air The Bat-Kick is another pivotal attack for eliminating enemies. It hits decently hard and has a good hitbox. Batman players will be using this attack a fair amount.

If you are looking for the kill, ALWAYS use this attack over Crashing Justice. The Bat-Kick kills much better.

Bat Bomb Special MultiVersus, Batman, Neutral Special Air This is the same attack as the grounded version, just in the air.
Bat Grapple Forward + Special MultiVersus, Batman, Forward Special Air This is the same attack as the grounded version, just in the air.
Rapid Rising Bat Up + special MultiVersus, Batman, Up Special Air This is mostly the same attack as the grounded version, you just can’t charge it. While you do lose the charge in the air, the (already excellent) hitbox of the original is even better. It hits WAY above Bats.
Crashing Justice Down + Special MultiVersus, Batman, Down Special Air While Crashing Justice does NOT hit hard, it is still an excellent attack. It pauses in air, which can throw off your opponent’s rhythm, yyou can also adjust its angle on the fly.

While you aren’t going to get many kills with this attack alone, you will absolutely be able to use it to start combos that WILL kill. This isn’t a good spike, but it is a solid combo starter.

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battlestrategyMultiVersus, Batman, Batman Hitting Bugs WIth A Grappling Attack

Batman wants one thing in MultiVersus: to get close and throw fists. Thankfully, his kit is service built to let him do just that. Batman does not have a single armored move, so people can interrupt everything he does which is, unquestionably, a bummer. Thankfully, he has his trust Batarang. The Batarang will travel somewhat slowly in front of Batman, helping to shield his approach. You are going to be constantly using this thing to help make your approaches safe.

Speaking of approaches, you have some really great moves for getting in. Your Crashing Justice attack is a divekick and has an excellent hitbox, the Bat-Strike is super speedy and is an excellent way to approach as well. Beyond those, you have your grappling hook, which is a great way for Batman to get into the mix. You can use this attack in the air or on the ground. Remember to shield yourself with the Batarang, otherwise you could be heading face-first into danger.

When an opponent is suitably softened up, make sure to peg the with your bomb. This is a great way to set up a kill, especially if your opponent is banged up. Deliver the bomb via Batarang. This is super hard to avoid, especially if you do it from your Smoke Bomb shroud. Which, by the way, is a move you should be using frequently, your Smoke Bomb slows your enemies and buffs you and your teammate.

So, your whole strategy is going to be sticking to your enemies, softening them up, then, when you have them near death, start looking for an opportunity to use your Rising Bat special or your Bat-Kick spike attack. As those are your most reliable ways of finishing off opponents. Most of your kills will be at the top of the screen!

Team Play Strategy

Batman works alone. Well, he doesn’t, you can use him for teamplay, obviously, but he is typically doing his own thing. The lone exception to this is, of course, his Smoke Bomb. This is an especially good move when your partner is a projectile user, as they can stand in it, attack opponents with their projectiles, and be immune to any coming from the other team. Your partner can also help you out by retrieving your Batarang for you.

Batman’s Progression Unlocks

Batman’s Signature Perk Overview

Batman’s got two signature perks and both are bangers. One will help your Batarang apply the maximum stacks of weakness if it hits coming back the other way, and the other applies an AOE attack to the end of your grapple. Personally, since we are constantly using the Batarang, we prefer to go with the Bouncerang Signature Perk, but we think that Precision Grapple Perk has a lot to offer as well. We encourage you to try both out and see what fits your style better.

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