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MTGA Standard Tier List January 2022

Welcome to Standard in 2022. With no new cards on the way until February, the Standard meta has been left a bit stale for now. The top decks are still the same top decks as they were a month ago, and the potential dark horse lists are still posting mediocre results. The predictable default environment has pushed many players into the Alchemy queues in search of a fresher format. For those who want to stick with the standard, here are the top decks every player needs to get ready for battle.

Tier 1: Decks that define the meta
  • Monowhite Aggro
  • Izzet turns
  • Mono Black Control

There are a lot of players who don’t like Net-Deck, and that’s totally fine. However, if there’s one deck every player should control at least once, it’s this Mono White Aggro list. Every play in the deck just feels powerful. From a Usher Fallen on turn 1 to a Luminarch Aspirant on turn 2, followed by an Elite Spellbinder, there’s always something going on in the deck. It’s fast, it’s disruptive, and it doesn’t really care what the opponent wants to do. Because it’s a mono-color deck, it also has the bonus of playing two key creature lands. It’s no surprise why everyone not playing the deck is looking for a way to overcome mono white aggro.

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So far, the best antagonist on this list is Mono Black Control. A deck with lots of sweepers and removal spells is the perfect answer to a creature-based aggro deck. Mono Black tries to use a series of one-drops to slow down the pressure of aggro decks and live long enough to cast The Meathook Massacre and Lolth, the Spider Queen.

Izzet Turns completes Standard’s rock-paper scissors. While Mono Black sits with a grip full of removal spells, Izzet simply lands and folds the turn. Izzet Turns wants to win the game by making several moves in a row thanks to a copy Alrund’s Epiphany. like cards Divided by zero and Lier, the drowned’s apprentice Also, help rack up victories against the majority of the field. Though the deck stumbles at times, you guessed it, Mono White. A copy of Burn down the house is great, but often it’s not enough to turn the tide.

Tier 2: Decks that are solid options against the meta
  • Monogreen Aggro
  • Orhzov control
  • Orzhov Cleric
  • Izzet Kite

Mono Green Aggro was once the top tier option for rolling through the arena ladder. Unfortunately, the classic Stompy deck has had its fair share of rough times. Mono White is simply faster and wider. Mono Black accidentally squirts Mono Green for the same reasons it crushes Mono White. Worst of all, it has a bad habit of being a little too slow to hit izzet turns. The good news is that the deck received a much-needed amount searching beast “clone in”. Ulvenwald oddity. A hasty creature that can get the team busy late game is a huge boon to the deck.

MTGA Standard Tier List January

The two black and white decks that feel good in Tie 2 have two very different game plans. Orzhov Control plays similarly to Mono Black Control but seems useful Edgar, Charmed Bridegroom to outwit the opponent. Orzhov Clerics, on the other hand, is a midrange deck looking to overwhelm the opponent with life gain triggers and flying threats. Righteous Valkyrie and Voice of the Blessed are the two main threats on the list, and they can quickly take over a game if left to their own devices.

The last entry is the creature-based version of Izzet Turns. Izzet Dragons aims to capitalize on usage dragon egg as an early blocker that can turn into a late game finisher. Goldspan Dragon appears in this list as the major mid-game threat. The list is still running Alrund’s Epiphany, but it’s not as dependent on taking multiple rounds to win. This version slides down the rankings due to its oddly vulnerable distance.

Tier 3: Decks that can compete against the meta
  • Boros midrange
  • Gruul werewolves
  • Jund midrange
  • Dimir zombies
  • Mono-Red Goblins
  • Rakdos Vampires
  • Selesnya people

Tier 3 houses all the creature decks that aren’t fast enough. These decks certainly seem strong, especially considering how many wild cards it takes to craft them. The problem is that most of them play more similarly to midrange decks than aggro decks – the only exception being Mono Red Goblins.

Dimir Zombies can have aggressive openings, but the list’s true strength lies in its resilience to board wipes. Headless Horseman is an excellent deterrent for any opponent who wants to throw Doomskar or blood in the snow The deck also comes to play Champion of the Deceased and Jadar, Ghoulcaller of Nephalia. It’s a nice little combo that constantly puts pressure on the opponent.

MTGA Standard Tier List January

Boros Midrange is an interesting list as it plays one of the cards that really shined in Limited. Angelfire ignition is a punch to any aggro deck and allows midrange decks to break the stall in long, drawn out games. The other options for Boros are pretty open to what the player wants to do. Some lists like Ruthless storm seeker and Brutal Cathar, while others prefer Blade historian and Venerable Warsinger.

Tier 4: Decks that are harder to find against the meta
  • Orzhov angel
  • Golgari control
  • Monowhite life win

Unfortunately, Gogari Control feels like a downed version of the Mono Black Control roster. Skeletal Swarming is a solid win condition, it’s just very slow. Adding green doesn’t really add much to the deck other than allowing it to play Wrenn and seven.

Orhzov Angels is a deck that some players initially thought would be an important player in Standard. In the Standard 2022, Angles was one of the format’s top decks. The problem that was inevitably the cause of its extinction was that it couldn’t beat the Izzet Control decks that were popping up. The BW Angels deck was powerful and oppressive against other creature decks, but failed to enforce the heavyweights on the board against blue decks. It still exists in some ways today, but it’s not nearly as strong as it was many months ago.

Mono White Lifegain is quite good in Standard. There are several other, better aggro options in the format, so it might be best to leave these in the dust.

Tier 5: Notable Rogue Decks
  • Izzet mill
  • Dimir villains
  • Selesnya landing

The only deck that really needs discussion is this list by Izzet Mill. What a breakthrough this list is, isn’t it? The deck wants to combine double whammy and Tasha’s terrible laugh to hopefully wombo combo the opponent. To do this, it focuses on using early side mills ruin crab as well as many speed spells like Unsummon and fading hope. It’s a crazy list that can and will surprise many unsuspecting opponents. The downside is that there is no other way to win. It’s all mill or bust in this list.

MTGA Standard Tier List January

Pour one out for the format’s former “big bad.” Dimir Rogues is a shell of his former self. It’s too slow to be considered an aggro deck and likes to lose key cards drown in the hole makes the deck too weak to be a tempo deck. Many players are glad it’s over, but it’s hard to see a once-potent deck becoming nothing more than a joke.

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