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MrBeast was the highest-earning YouTuber of 2021

Jake Paul finished second and Markiplier third, according to Forbes.

Mr. Beast

To see where we are headed in 2022, we must first look back at 2021. YouTube in particular had a blast year, with the platform adding more users and YouTubers more to its checkbook.

A new report from Forbes lays out who is the richest YouTuber of them all. This year, MrBeast takes first place with $54 million made in 2021. MrBeast, one of YouTube’s most famous personalities, doubled his previous year’s total views to 10 billion across all videos. 4

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MrBeast mostly keeps his audience entertained with increasingly elaborate stunts, such as when he rebuilt the Squid Game set for his own rendition of the battle royale competition, or when he locked himself in a maximum security prison for 50 hours. His videos typically garner tens of millions of views, which translates into serious ad revenue.


But it’s not just ads that make MrBeast money. Last year, MrBeast Burger was announced, an app that allows viewers to order MrBeast-branded food from over 600 affiliated restaurants across the US, which have sold over 5 million burgers to date.

Jake Paul comes in second with a profit of $45 million. Jake’s views mostly stem from his boxing matches, which included fights against MMA fighters Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley last year. Although YouTube is mainly a side job for Paul; Forbes reports that over 90% of his money comes from his boxing career.

Third up is Markiplier, perhaps YuuTube’s biggest and best merchandiser. Markiplier rose to fame with hilarious lets plays of games like Five Nights at Freddy’s and Subnautica, but has since branched out into more creative endeavors. He plans to launch a TV adaptation of The Edge of Sleep, a thriller podcast that Markiplier narrated back in 2019.

For the full list and to see who made more money in 2021 than they did in 2020, go to forbes. And for the latest controversy, check out these famous content creators made into NFTs without consent.

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