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Most challenging campaign duels, ranking list

One of the most popular card games worldwide is Yu-Gi-Oh! It’s hard not to see the appeal as the game not only invites each player to collect cards and create their own unique decks, but then test those decks against their friends as well. It combines some of the best aspects of fan-favorite series like Pokemon, except that instead of adorable creatures, players can find their favorite duel monsters.

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Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution is often viewed by fans as an incredible Yu-Gi-Oh game thanks to its huge list of cards and duels from the anime for players to relive. Just as some of these classic duels were not easy for the participants, so too are players battling their way through the game’s numerous campaigns.

10 Yami Yugi vs. Pegasus

Yu-Gi-Oh!  Pegasus advertising art

Some of them had no problem playing through this duel, but that’s often because they had everything they needed to win right from the start. Pegasus is an opponent who uses a deck that isn’t all of a chore, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have tricky cards.

His toons aren’t much of a problem, but his abandoned monster can be an ordeal. This duel practically forces the player to summon Yugi’s Mage of Black Chaos, a card that can be dealt quickly if a player has no plan to deal with Relinquished.


9 May against tea (reverse duel)

Yu-Gi-Oh Mai vs. Tea Selection Screen

If played through this duel in its original form, it is entirely possible that the players managed to completely overtake Mai before she could do anything. When players finally got down to playing the game’s reverse duels, that duel was most likely a nightmare.

The game’s RNG already seems to favor the AI ​​heavily, but throw in a deck that allows Tea to pull out a monster with 4000-6000+ attacks on her first turn and things get irritating. The player’s only real hope is to get the Harpie’s Feather Duster, but this game-RNG is not going to be in your favor.

8th Jack vs. Yusei 1 (backward duel)

Jack vs. Yusei Yu-gi-oh duel

While the two meet a few times over the course of the game, it appears to be their first reverse duel that challenges most of the players. While both players’ decks can’t be called bad, Yusei appears to have a much better build overall.

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Occasionally, Yusei can synchro-summon multiple hard cards in the same turn, and things only get more hopeless when it’s his first turn. His Scrap Scarecrow Trap Card is an effective means of blocking the player’s attempts to destroy his monsters.

7th Weevil versus Joey (backward duel)

yugi2 Weevil Vs Joey Yu-gi-oh selection screen

While many Duelist decks in the game tend to get better the further players get into the story, Weevil’s decks seem to remain terrible. His strategy doesn’t seem to change much in this duel from any of his earlier in history. Find a way to summon what is widely considered to be one of the worst cards in the game, or find a way to win with trash cards.

The players likely pulled their hair out as they repeated the duel over and over. When they finally manage to conjure up something halfway decent like Insect Queen, it’s not unlikely that Joey will strike back with a perfect coin toss from Time Wizard.

6th Weevil vs Yami Yugi (Reverse Duel)

Weevil vs. Yami Yugi Yu-Gi-Oh duel

Anyone familiar with Weevil and its most notorious cards knows exactly why it can be so difficult to play as a spectacle villain. While Yami Yugi doesn’t exactly have a spectacular deck in this duel, Weevil’s deck doesn’t even come close to his in terms of viability.

One of the only ways to win this duel is to simply get lucky by having the majority of the cards you need at the start, drawing all of the other cards almost immediately, and praying that Yugi will manage to get a pile of useless cards while you slowly summon your big moth.

5 Trudge vs. Yusei 2 (backward duel)

Trudge Vs Yusei Yu-Gi-Oh selection screen

Dueling against Trudge is one of the easier duels in the entire game, so it should come as no surprise that reversing roles can make it difficult. The biggest problem many players face is the fact that Trudge’s deck is filled with weak cards.

Yusei doesn’t have the best deck build in the game at this point, but he certainly has a much better one than Trudge. There are many players who only manage to really beat this duel by slowly forcing Yusei to equip himself.

4th Jaden vs. Jesse

Jaden vs Jesse Yu-Gi-Oh selection screen

Jaden may be a fan-favorite protagonist from the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise, but his decks are often quite absent in the second half of the GX campaign. While Jesse has a relatively strong deck when put in the right hands, especially against a deck like Jadens, it’s not that difficult to duel against him.

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It’s Jaden’s poor deck builds that really make the second half of the GX campaign seem like it’s going to last forever. Most of his duels boil down to the fact that he needs the same combination of cards to keep a fusion version of his Elemental HERO Neos on the field in order to actually destroy all monsters. This duel can force players to try again and hit a simple deck again.

3 Joey vs. Valon

Joey vs. Valon Yu-Gi-Oh selection screen

While Joey’s decks in the game are often far from being objectively bad, they are also pretty far from being the best in the game. He may face his greatest challenge when he faces Valon towards the end of the first campaign.

Many players report that they got stuck in this duel for far too long thanks to Valon’s extremely powerful deck. If the odds are really in Valons’s favor, his cards can reach dangerous attack levels of over 5000, which has little to do with Joey’s lackluster deck.

2 Jaden vs. Marcel

Jaden vs. Marcel Yu-Gi-Oh selection screen

The thing that makes this duel really difficult comes from a brutal RNG and deck that requires some very specific hands to be successful. If many of the game’s story duels are to be beaten similar to the anime, it can get very difficult.

Jaden’s less desirable deck can make it difficult to do much about the powerhouse deck Marcel uses. Jaden’s various Chrysalis monsters and admittedly weaker Elemental HEROES make most rounds pointless without a specific series of cards.

1 Windy vs. Soul Burner (backward duel)

Soulburner Yu-Gi-Oh Promo

It is possible that many players have recreated the Soulburners deck and set their own spin just because it can be so effective. Windy’s deck isn’t that bad and it would probably be fine against most other opponents, it’s the Soulburners deck’s strength that is the problem.

There are many ways that Windy’s deck could be better, but when it doesn’t, players often find themselves with no real options against Soul Burner. The key to victory is good luck in the hopes that Soulburner doesn’t get what it needs and to finish the duel as soon as possible.

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