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Morbius postponed until April 2022

The pandemic resulted in cinemas worldwide being closed for several months. Having no way of showing them, the studios sometimes delayed the arrival of their greatest films several times. Others, like Warner Bros., have decided to release blockbusters on streaming services like HBO Max. One of the films with the most delays was Marvel’s Morbius, and now the release date of the Jared Leto-directed flick has been postponed again.

Morbius should hit theaters on January 28, 2022. Less than a month from the end, that date seemed almost set in stone at the time. That’s not the case and Morbius won’t be here until April 1, 2022. Unfortunately, despite the new date, this is not an April Fool’s joke. This is the fourth time Morbius’ arrival has been pushed back.


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If Morbius actually arrives, the new April 1st release date will be postponed by more than a year. Morbius was originally scheduled to arrive in March 2021. It was postponed to October and then January 21st, and then postponed for an additional week to January 28th. The reason for Morbius’ final delay has not been explained, but it is likely Sony is suspicious of the recent surge in COVID cases and cinemas may be closed again or at least significantly less busy.

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Morbius’ recent delay means Marvel fans will have to wait more than two months before figuring out where and when the movie is set. Despite being a Sony Marvel production, certain elements of Morbius’ trailers have indicated that they, or at least parts of them, are taking place in the MCU. In the film, Michael Keaton’s Vulture can be seen, a character who was already part of the MCU.

Elsewhere in the trailers there are open references to Venom and Spider-Man graffiti. It should also be noted that, despite the recent delay, Morbius was still ahead of Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be in theaters. While there isn’t currently a clear link between these two films, the early release dates and careful planning of their new films make it seem like Marvel doesn’t want fans to see Dr. See Strange 2 before they see Morbius.

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