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May 19, 2022, 2:52 p.m

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Minecraft 1.19 is getting closer and closer. Yesterday, the first update was released, preceding “The Wild Update”. However, players are disappointed because Mojang ultimately failed to deliver on many of its promises.

Yesterday, instead of a weekly snapshot for Minecraft we got the first pre-release before update 1.19. What remains a common feature of yesterday’s patch and the weekly patch notes, is the lack of interesting content.

What does 1.19 Pre-release bring to Minecraft?

This time, the changes are mostly related to items and mobs in the game. Still, we did not see any surprises, or completely new content for Minecraft. This is the list of changes in 1.19 Pre-release:

  1. The number of trees found in Mangrove Swamp has been slightly changed.
  2. Endermen, skeletons, wither skeletons, and piglins in the Nether now appear in a wider range of lighting – from 0 to 11.
  3. Items produce vibrations when you use them, and when you stop using them. For example: Drawing a bow and firing it will generate separate vibrations.
  4. When you use items while crouching, they will not produce vibrations.
  5. Putting an item that is not armor on your character’s head will produce a sound like when you move things around in the inventory window.

Apart from that, as usual – the game received a few technical upgrades and a lot of bugs were fixed. Full patch notes for 1.19 Pre-release can be found on Minecraft‘s official website.

It is worth noting that from now on updates in the form of pre-releases will not appear regularly. They are a tool for developers to fix bugs, not to introduce new features to the game. We can therefore assume that what has appeared so far in the snapshots, has been fixed by the pre-release and will remain so.

Well Mojang, you could’ve done better

Observing how the community received the update, it’s hard not to get the impression that Mojang, along with Minecraftdropped the ball, so to speak.

Among comments it is difficult to find those that in a few words summarize the attitude of the creators to the game’s development, as most of them are more like short essays.

There is no point in being angry nor complaining anymore. At this point Mojang perfectly knows how dissapointed is the community. As for me, i’ll just skip this update, and try next one or whatever which hopefully adds an use for Ancient Citys portal. Shame,” wrote Patient Importance45.

“Im disappointed you wont be adding the fireflies. They dont need to do something special, just have them fly around at night and that’ss all… it adds Immersion. Doesn’t even seem right to call this ‘The Wild update’,” wrote TornadoWIzard123.

What’s next?

The exact date of release of version 1.19 has not been provided, but certainly the debut will take place later this year. There is nothing left but to wait for more pre-releases, until finally one of the most disappointing game versions will be released.

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