Friday, January 27, 2023

Modern Warfare 2 streamers and players are racing to be the first to acquire all 51 Gold weapon camos

The first weekend of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been quite eventful.

On top of a myriad of server problems and severe bugs that cause the game to constantly crash on PC, players are peeling back the layers of the game’s oddly-designed progression system, including its weapon camos.

The end goal for camos is the slick-looking Polyatomic and Orion skins, but it all begins with getting a weapon, the classy Gold camo. And as you might expect, players are turning it into a race to see who gets all Golds first.

Two streamers of note, the popular Fortnite pro-turned-CoD streamer Symfuhnyand Scuf gaming partner Reidboy, are neck and neck in the race. As of the timing of this article, Symfuhny has 30 gold guns, and Reidboy is bringing up the rear with 29.

Reidboy has been live for nearly 34 hours, too, meaning that the grind is reaching some unhealthy levels. But when it comes to MW2, some players can’t get enough of the camos, which makes sense considering that other progression is either missing from the game or on hold for now until season one begins.

Gold camos are somewhat easily attainable after simply playing with one weapon for a while. Players only need to finish four challenges to unlock Gold, with some forcing playstyle change, but mostly requiring time and energy spent.

Best of luck to every CoD gamer gunning for 51 golds, but please stay hydrated, get some rest, and stretch every now and then.

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