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Minecraft’s Squid Game Tournament almost took Andorra offline

Remember when your parents told you playing all day would never get you anywhere in life? Well, it turns out they were wrong for a number of reasons. First of all, the amount of money up for grabs for playing some of your favorite games in tournaments and competitions. So much money that things can get pretty serious, which some notable streamers and the entire nation of Andorra have recently discovered.

A Twitch Rivals tournament called Squidcraft Games was held over the weekend. The tournament featured Squid Game rounds recreated in Minecraft, and a number of Spanish-speaking streamers were invited to participate, including big names like The Grefg and AuronPlay. The grand prize for the last remaining streamer was $100,000.


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It seems that for one reason or another someone or a group of people didn’t want the tournament to go ahead, or at least not as planned. Some of the streamers, including the ones mentioned above, are based in the small European country of Andorra. Andorra were hit by a series of distributed denial-of-service attacks over the weekend, which somewhat marred the tournament.

The problem is, since Andorra only has one internet service provider, Andorra Telecom, the streamers attending a Minecraft Squid Game tournament weren’t the only ones affected. The DDoS attacks eventually hit almost everyone in Andorra, forcing the ISP to issue an explanation. “Several denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks aimed at damaging the programming of some YouTubers have impacted the internet and 4G service of some Andorra Telecom customers,” the translation reads above.

The motive behind the instigators of the attacks remains unclear. Whether they were just trying to annoy the participants in Andorra, or whether they were trying to manipulate the tournament. Auron was eventually able to tell his followers that he was eliminated from the tournament due to the fallouts, hoping that if they were the one being attacked, the attacks would stop. They’ve also teamed up with fellow streamer Rubius to offer €10,000 to anyone who can figure out who is responsible.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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