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Minecraft Players Discovered Two Year-old Easter Egg

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12 April 2022, 13:03

author: Przemyslav Dygas

Players have found an easter egg in a Minecraft update from two years ago. We’re talking about a snapshot created with April Fool’s Day in mind.


  • Players discovered an easter egg in a Minecraft update from two years ago;
  • While fishing, you can accidentally come across something much bigger;
  • We could even catch an Elder Guardian.

The various updates for Minecraft holds many secrets. Some players are therefore heavily involved in the search for easter eggs and like to share their discoveries with other fans.

A special case in this regard are snapshots released for April Fools’ Day. When downloading this kind of patch, we can be sure that we will come across surprises prepared by the devs.

Some of the secrets are really hard to find. In fact, players have only now come across an easter egg in an April Fool’s update from two years ago.

Angler’s dream

We are talking about snapshot 20w14. It hid many surprises, which quickly fell prey to the vigilant players. However, one of them was hidden better than the others.

Discovering the secret that just came to light dependent on luck. This is because it is revealed completely randomly.

It turns out that you can stumble upon something much bigger than cod or salmon while fishing. As shown in the Video recorded by Reddit users, we might catch an Elder Guardian.

It is a large mob, which normally guards treasures in underwater temples. It is also one of the most powerful opponents in the game (not counting the bosses).

Such a catch can become our last prey, unless we’re properly prepared. Fortunately, players who recorded the video had the situation under control.

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