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Minecraft: Every Breedable Mob, Ranking

Minecraft has seen some major changes lately with the release of the Caves and Cliffs update. This update has added a lot of new features to the game, including redesigned caves, improved mountains, and of course some new mobs. There are already dozens of different animals in Minecraft with the Caves and Cliffs update that introduces us to three more animals: axolotl, goats and glowing squid.

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The list of breedable mobs in Minecraft just keeps getting bigger and bigger. If you’re struggling to figure out which ones to include on your animal farm, it turns out that some mobs have more uses than others. Here are all the breedable mobs in Minecraft, sorted from the least to the most useful.

17th Axolotl

A group of axolotls in Minecraft
Biome drops Bred with
Lush caves XP Bucket of tropical fish

Axolotls may be interesting animals in Minecraft, but other than being a cool addition to an aquarium, they don’t have much use. When doing underwater research, axolotls attack enemy mobs and do little to no damage.

Considering they don’t drop anything other than experience orbs, it’s safe to say that you don’t need to grow axolotls in your lush den.


16 Hoglin

A hoglin in Minecraft
Biome drops Bred with
Nether – Crimson Forest, bastion remnant XP, leather, raw pork chop Purple mushrooms

The Hoglin, who only spawns in the Nether, is one of only two enemy mobs that can be bred along with the Killer Bunny. They’re a decent source of XP considering every hoglin drops five experience orbs, but they’re more trouble than they’re worth.

You could get all of a hoglin’s drops from a cow and a pig, so there’s no reason to go all the way into the Nether for these mobs.

fifteen Strider

A group of striders in Minecraft
Biome drops Bred with
Nether – Lava Sea, Delta, Nether Desert, Purple Forest, Warped Forest, Soul Sand Valley, Basalt Deltas XP, string Warped mushroom

Striders can only be found in the Nether and are surprisingly useful as they can walk on lava. Just strap a saddle onto the back of one of these bad guys, tinker a warped mushroom on a stick and you could be walking through lava.

Fortunately, striders are passive mobs so they won’t attack you like other mobs in the nether. Strings mind their own business.

14th Fox

A fox in Minecraft
Biome drops Bred with
Taiga, grove EP, emerald (1%), rabbit foot (2%), rabbit skin (2%), egg (3%), wheat (4%), leather (4%), feather (4%). Sweet berries, glowing berries

Foxes are unique in that they sometimes hold an object in their mouth. It can be anything from a rare emerald to a piece of leather.

The chances of a fox actually holding an item are pretty slim and they love to roam around, making them a poor choice for those looking to start an emerald farm.

13th Cat & ocelot

A cat and an ocelot in Minecraft
Biome drops Tamed with Bred with
Villages, swamp huts, jungles XP, string Raw cod, raw salmon Raw cod, raw salmon

Cats and ocelots are great companions. Their presence can spice things up a village, and they’re a good source of thread too, but that’s about it.

None of these animals will defend you when attacked. If anything, they like to bother each other by lying on your bed and chest. They are a little bit painful.

12th panda

Two pandas in a bamboo jungle in Minecraft
Biome drops Bred with
Jungle, bamboo jungle XP, bamboo bamboo

Pandas are found in bamboo jungles. They drop bamboo and eat bamboo. It’s safe to say that if you have a panda farm, you don’t have to worry about bamboo. To mate, there must be at least eight bamboo blocks within a five block radius of both pandas. Once this condition is met, they will breed by feeding them bamboo.

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Fun fact, baby pandas can drop a ball of slime when they sneeze. It’s cute, but also kind of gross.

11th tortoise

A turtle on the beach in Minecraft
Biome drops Bred with
Beach XP, seaweed Seaweed

Turtles serve little purpose in Minecraft because they are all about seaweed. As they breed, the pregnant turtle will grow in size and eventually dig a place for its eggs. You can’t do anything with these turtle eggs and it’s easier to grow seaweed by swimming all the way to the bottom of the sea.

When lightning kills the turtle, it turns into a bowl, which is sad and hilarious at the same time.

10 Rabbits

Four different colored rabbits in Minecraft
Biome drops Bred with
Taiga, grove, meadow, desert, forest, mountains XP, Rabbit Skin, Raw Rabbit, Rabbit Food (10%) Carrot, golden carrot, flowers

The rabbits in Minecraft are so cute which is one of the reasons they are a common pet in the game. Your rabbit skin is useful for making bundles, and her rabbit foot is needed for brewing some potions.

Unfortunately, rabbit meat is one of the worst foods in the game, restoring only five hunger points per rabbit cooked.

9 Llama & Trader Llama

A herd of llamas on a mountain top in Minecraft
Biome drops Tamed with Bred with
Windswept hills, windswept forest, savannah XP, leather Repeated assembly There are bales

Llamas are a little confusing. They have to be mounted multiple times to be tamed, but you can’t really saddle and ride them. This means that while you can equip a llama with a chest, you will need to use a leash to keep it close to you.

Keeping an animal on a leash can quickly become annoying as it restricts mobility.

8th goat

A group of goats in Minecraft
Biome drops Bred with
mountains XP, goat horns, milk wheat

Goats are quite a useful addition to the Minecraft animal family, so there are a lot of things you need to know about these critters. In the Bedrock Edition, goats can drop goat horns when they hit a solid block.

The use of goat horns creates the same horn sound heard when a raid begins. Goats can also be milked, just like cows, for appropriate use.

7th wolf

Two wolves in Minecraft
Biome drops Tamed with Bred with
Taiga, grove, forest XP bone Any kind of meat

While wolves may not drop anything useful, they are the best companions in the game because they actually help you. They will attack enemy mobs and other players attacking you.

They are also very easy to grow as they will pick up any type of meat. Wolves also listen to commands so you can keep them at home if you need to.

6th bee

Bees fly around a meadow in Minecraft
Biome Falling Bred with
Meadow, plain, forest XP flower

The bees in Minecraft are absolutely massive and won’t attack unless provoked. As long as you leave their hives alone (unless they have a campfire underneath) and have some flowers around, you’ll be fine.

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Bees are a good source of honey, which has many uses. You can use honey to make sugar, a decorative honeycomb block for your house, and much more.

5 pig

A pig farm in Minecraft
Biome drops Bred with
Most overworld biomes XP, Raw Pork Chop Carrot, potato, beetroot

One of the most important things Minecraft players need to build is a farm, and no farm is complete without pigs. Pigs are the best source of food in Minecraft as they can be found almost anywhere, and a single cooked pork chop recovers eight hunger points.

You can also ride a pig with a saddle and a carrot on a stick. Pigs give you this weird look when you put the saddle on, but they’re okay with it.

4th chicken

A flock of chickens in Minecraft
Biome drops Bred with
Most overworld biomes XP, feathers, raw chicken Seeds

Chickens are popular farm animals for a reason. They are very easy to grow as they only need seeds and even lay eggs by themselves every five to ten minutes. Throwing their eggs has a chance of spawning a baby chicken.

While cooked chicken isn’t a top food option in Minecraft, the feathered chickens that are dropped are useful for making arrows.

3 sheep

A sheep family in Minecraft
Biome drops Bred with
Most overworld biomes XP, wool, raw mutton wheat

Sheep are versatile animals. When you need meat, cooked mutton restores six points of hunger, making it just as effective as cooked chicken. Sheep can also be sheared to shed more wool and regrow their fur by eating the grass on a block of grass.

A sheep’s wool is mainly used for decorative purposes. It can be used to make beds, carpets, and paintings.

2 Horse, mule & donkey

A group of horses in Minecraft
Biome drops Tamed with Bred with
Plains, savannah, meadow, villages XP, leather Repeated assembly Golden apple, golden carrot

Horses, mules, and donkeys are grouped because they are all very similar. Horses are the best way to get around on land because of their high speed of movement. Mules and donkeys are useful if you haul around a lot as they can be equipped with chests too.

Mules are bred from a horse and a donkey. As in real life, they cannot mate with other mules.

1 Cow & mushrooms

A cow and a calf in Minecraft
Biome drops Bred with
Most overworld biomes XP, leather, raw beef, milk, mushrooms wheat

Cows are the workhorse in Minecraft. Not only do they drop XP, leather, and raw beef, but they can even be milked. You can drink a bucket of milk to eliminate any status effects, and it’s also one of the ingredients to bake a cake.

Mooshrooms can be sheared to give five mushrooms that can be used in making stew. Just know that after shearing, mossrooms turn into normal cows.

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