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Minecraft 1.19.10 Invites Allaye to Dance, Making Them Multiply

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July 14, 2022, 12:30 p.m

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Allay has received several new features in update 1.19.10 for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. A number of other fixes have also been introduced, including those for Warden.

Minecraft Bedrock has received update 1.19.10, which centers around the changes to Allays, creatures introduced in The WildUpdate. The creatures received as many as four new features. In addition, changes included biomes and some technical issues of Minecraft.

Allay in Bedrock 1.19.10

Allays were introduced in The WildUpdateand their main task is to help the player. This is because the mobs can carry items with them and transport them to specific locations.

Now after the update, Allays can also dance near music blocks and duplicate themselves. If the music stops or the creature moves too far away, the dance animation will stop.

Duplication is only possible when an Allay is dancing. The player must give it a shard of amethyst, after which the creature will make a characteristic sound, a heart will appear, followed by a second Allay.

The ability to duplicate mobs is limited in time – another duplication can only be made after five minutes.

Although Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition are available together as a bundle in Microsoft’s store, the games differ in their content. That’s why you won’t see update 1.19.10 in the Java version.

What else in 1.19.10?

The list of improved gameplay elements is quite long, so below you will find some of the most important changes found in update 1.19.10.

  1. The ‘/locate’ command has been expanded to locate structure and locate biome.
  2. The wandering trader llama now has his own summoning egg.
  3. Added the cause of player death to the death screen.
  4. Players are no longer pushed through doors when closing them.
  5. The immunity effect is no longer one level weaker than it should be.
  6. Mangrove swamps are now denser to better fit the Java Edition.
  7. Warden can now walk through lava and water.
  8. Warden’s damage animation is no longer different between Bedrock and Java Edition.

Other fixes included frogs, user interface, some items or skull blocks, among others. The changes, as I mentioned, are numerous, so it’s worth reading the detailed description in the official news regarding update 1.19.10.

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