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Minecraft 1.18 is amazing, and players are impressed

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December 03, 2021, 2:36 pm

Author: Jacob Blazewicz

Minecraft version 1.18 (also known as Caves & Cliffs Update: Part II) was enthusiastically received by gamers. Fans not only appreciate the breathtaking views, but also the new gameplay expansions.


  1. Minecraft Players rave about the new features in the second part of the Caves & Cliffs To update;
  2. Changes in the world generation have made it possible to see unusual, never-before-seen landscapes in the game – and they also have an impact on gameplay;
  3. Few players have some problems with version 1.18 – for example, they complain about not enough “living” caves or too many caves in some biomes.

Although the second part of Minecraft’s big update has only been available for a few days, players have been able to test the new features of version 1.18 through snapshots and beta releases since July. But even after months of full screenshots and footage Players are still impressed with Caves & Cliffs Update: Part II.

As a reminder: The second part of the update contained the most important new features that the players had expected. Yes, no one was disappointed with the new mobs like Axolotl and Red Hot Squid and other supplements we received in June. However, it is that Caves & Cliffs Update: Part II that should bring the massive overhaul of Minecraft‘s world generation where high mountains and caves have been added. Version 1.18 also allows us to build higher structures, as well as change the distribution of metal ores and minerals, sprint mechanics, etc.

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Immediately after the update was released, players started looking at the opportunities that were opening up to them. Of course, the changes have benefited those who likes create more or less ambitious structures for which Minecraftis famous. But even casual gamers appreciated the new features – like some users write – completely changed their experience. Dangerous caves and a new ore generation system diversify gameplay significantly, and exploration is encouraged by unique landscapes that weren’t to be found before the 1.18 debut.

This does not mean that we cannot find some critical voices in this sea of ​​praise. Some to say that some caves – while undeniably beautiful and interesting – are a bit too similar, for example in terms of the living things that inhabit them. There are also those they believe that Minecraft is a bit too generous with the large caves in the savannah, jungle and forests. The same goes for rivers and mini biomes. There have also been reports of beetles, such as snow dust, that (sic!) Kill foxes, rabbits and other small animals.

There are also more contentious complaints, such as the appearance of villages in unusual locations (a rather amusing benefit for many fans). Even so, part two is the Caves & Cliffs Update was enthusiastically received by almost all players and many Call this update one of the best or even the best update in the history of Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.18 is amazing and players are impressed - Image # 1

Source: u / Ryan_diaz1 on Reddit.

Mojang is already preparing other attractions. Archeology, should also be added Caves & Cliffs, is still waiting to be introduced to the game. What’s more The wild update is also coming to the game, introducing a wider variety of biomes and (one more) new feature originally planned for this year’s update (Deep Dark).

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