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Magnus Taming Affection And Evolution Guide

Magnus taming is one of Re:Legend’s core mechanics that let you wander out into the world and win the affection of the game’s monsters. Do it right, and you get a new pet to help you with your daily tasks. With each Magnus bringing their own special skills to the table, you’ll quickly find yourself taming a small army of them.

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Raising Magnus needs you to understand their specific preferences and ensure that you’ll have an ample supply of whatever it may be if you want to keep them happy and willing to evolve into more powerful versions of themselves.

Taming Magnus

You throw food into a Magnus’ mouth at its most basic level. If they like it, hearts will appear above their heads. if you make them happy enough, a pink indicator will appear above themlet you mount up.


This starts a minigame where you need to keep your cursor in the middle of a pair of circlesstruggling against Magnus’ movements marked by arrows appearing at the circumference.

This minigame quickly devolves into button mashing and can be challenging, though it is far from impossible. Once the outermost circle fillsyou have ssuccessfully tamed a Magnus.

You can streamline the process by checking what each Magnus prefers. defeating one want unlock its entry in your databaselet you see what they prefer.

Feeding Magnus For Taming

  • Most Magnus prefer food such as the crops you grow at your farm or fish you catch, and some can even be tamed with ores.
  • Feeding them the item indicated by a happy Magnus with a floating heart guaranteed that you can start the taming minigame.
  • The only catch is that those items are highly specific.

Your newly tamed Magnus will appear at your barn if your party is full. There, they Passively earn XP and wait for you to add them to the party.

Evolving Magnus

Taming Magnus is only the beginning of their journey. They can evolve into new, more powerful forms once they reach a certain level, reach a high enough intimacy, and are fed the correct food.

Reaching a sufficient level of intimacy with the Magnus needs you to do two things:

  1. Feed them their preferred food
  2. Use the brush bought from the general store on them.

You can track how well you’re doing by checking the hearts floating above their heads. The higher it is, the better. Don’t worry if it stops rising, though, as tHere are level requirements for intimacy.

Make sure to feed and brush your Magnus as often as possible! Neglecting them will make their intimacy decaymaking you start over if left too long.

Feeding Magnus For Evolution

Magnus can be fed by:

  • Leaving their food in their troughs found within the barn
  • Giving food to them directly

Feeding them directly can get troublesome when you have enough variety between them. Their preferences can range from crops to ore, and respecting them is necessary to improve their intimacy. Feeding them the wrong food want only waste the item.

You can keep track of their preferences from their pages in the database.

Once you satisfy all the requirements, you only need to feed them the specific food item to get them to evolve, which can be found in the Evolution tab within the database. The same section will outline the Magnus’ possible evolutions if any are available.

Though the database won’t tell you precisely what each evolution provides, they are vastly different from each other and should be carefully considered.

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