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LPL All Pro teams from Week 3

Week 3 was a shorter one, with the Lunar New Year cutting half the matches from the week. With that being said, there were a lot of upsets this week, with LGD and ThunderTalk Gaming picking up their first wins. With the shorter week, quite a few players managed to make the list that may not have made it otherwise. Here are the LPL All-Pro teams players featured in today’s article.

LPL All Pro Team 1

Top Lane: Bin – RNG

Jungle: Sofm – Weibo Gaming

Mid Lane: Xiaohu – RNG

Bot Lane Carry: Light – LNG

Support: Ming-RNG

LPL All Pro Team 2

Top Lane: Ale – LNG

Jungle: Wei – RNG

Mid Lane: Doinb

Bot Lane Carry: Doggo – Bilibli Gaming

Support: ShiauC – Ultra Prime

LPL All Pro Team 3

Top Lane: Breathe – BLG

Jungle: Tarzan-LNG

Mid Lane: Cryin – Ultra Prime

Bot Lane Carry: Huanfeng – Weibo Gaming

Support: Crisp – Bilibili Gaming

MVP of the week: BIN – RNG

Rookie of the week: Doggo – Bilibili Gaming

LPL All Pro Teams: Top Lane

Am – RNG
LPL All Pro teams

The LPL All-Pro top laner of week 3 is Bin. After a slow start on RNG, Bin has finally returned to the form that he has shown in the past. In their match against BLG, Bin showed why RNG decided to bring him over in the off-season.

With amazing performances on both Gwen and Camille, Bin dominated the top lane. And he wasn’t up against any small fry. His only opponent this week is also on this list, showing how I am well and truly dominated in the top lane.

LPL All Pro teams

For the second week in a row, Ale returns this week. Up against XiaoLaoHu, a top laner that has already featured in the first two articles of this series, Ale showed why he deserves respect as one of the best top laners the LPL has to offer.

While game two was a rough one, the other two games in the series had Ale on picks that he has shown in the past. On both Jayce and Fiora, two of his comfort picks, he took over the map from the top lane. With Light playing some of his best League of Legends, it feels like it doesn’t matter if you camp bot or top, the other one can carry just as hard.

Breathe – Bilibli Gaming

The third and final top laner of our LPL All-Pro teams, Breathe had a good week. Yes, he struggled against Bin, but in his first series against Rare Atom, he put on a clinic. Even in their series against RNG, in game two, his Tryndamere took over the game.

Breathe was one of the final pieces to join the super team of BLG. A top laner that can either take over on a carry or play tanks, Breathe is a very versatile top laner. If he can consistently put on the performances he’s put on so far, BLG have a good shot at contesting the best that the LPL has to offer.

LPL All Pro Teams: Jungle

Sofm – Weibo Gaming

For the first time this year, Sofm is the best jungler of the week. Picking up two MVP nominations in their series against V5, he is the main reason why Weibo managed to stop a team that was previously undefeated.

Sofm, or Style of me, remains true to his name and nature. His unique style can often be his downfall, but when it works out, it’s pure brilliance to watch. Not afraid to bring out the Zed and Kha’zix in the jungle, Sofm is truly a one-of-a-kind player. In both his Veigo game and his Zed game this week, he finished with a perfect KDA, with a 7/0/13 scoreline on Viego and a 5/0/3 one as Zed.

LPL All Pro teams

Making his return to the LPL All-Pro teams articles, Wei and RNG have really stepped up. While week one was good from Wei, week two was a very quiet one. However, he returned this week, with consistent performances against one of the LPL’s best junglers in Weiwei.

As the popular saying goes, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Those are words that Wei found himself playing by this week, camping top lane much like he did last year. While yes, RNG have a new top laner in Bin, he deserves just as much respect to his name as Xiaohu does. While Bin deservedly gets most of the glory, Wei still did a phenomenal job making sure that Bin could play to his fullest potential, earning him a spot in today’s article.


In his first week away from the number one spot, Tarzan still takes the number three spot. Please note that this is due to the other two putting on masterclass performances and not a lack of performance from Tarzan.

While the series against FPX got dicey a couple of times, Tarzan managed to rise to the occasion. His objective control was insane and he was constantly helping Light out, especially in game three, where he sat bot lane and spoon-fed the Jinx, getting her to be 5/0 before the 10-minute mark.

LPL All Pro Teams: Mid Lane

LPL All Pro Teams

Much like in last week’s article, Xiaohu played a huge role in RNG’s victory. Up against Fofo, Xiaohu took advantage of his opponent’s rough patch and helped RNG take over the series.

Xiaohu is truly thriving in the current meta, picking 10 unique champions in 16 games. Known as one of the best mage players in the LPL, Xiaohu is undefeated on Corki, with 3 games already played. As long as he remains consistent, RNG should always be respected as a top-tier team.

LPL All Pro teams

Another returning mid laner from last week, Doinb now seems fully integrated on LNG. One of the two new players to join the roster during the off-season, Doinb seems to have jelled perfectly with the rest of the team.

While he still hasn’t returned to his Summer Split MVP form, Doinb is getting better every week. While many still have many questions surrounding LNG, and many are unconvinced by their 5:0 start, if Doinb continues to improve, LNG will likely confirm their spot as a top-four team.

Cryin – Ultra Prime

The final mid laner of today’s article is Cryin. After a rough Summer Split on RNG, Cryin moved to Ultra Prime, a team that had few expectations coming into the Spring Split. While he’s been quiet so far, his performances this week earned him a spot in the top three of the week.

So far this split, crying has been a Corki one-trick, playing him nine times. For some context, his second most played is Syndra at two. While this meta should be very favorable to him, it is understandable that he is taking his time to adapt to a new team. However, he will need to keep up the top-tier performances if Ultra Prime will want to make playoffs.

LPL All-Pro Teams: Bot Lane Carry


One of the three players to make the article every three weeks so far, Light has been playing exceptionally well this season. Especially when considering that Lvmao has once again slid back in his performance, after a good week 2.

LNG tends to play around Light, so it is understandable that he has good numbers in the K/A department. However, he carries that over well into damage and results, doing his job with perfection. LNG play around Light not because they have to, but because they know he is a reliable win condition.

Doggo – Bilibli Gaming

After barely missing out at making into the top three last week, Doggo has officially arrived. Despite BLG going 1 and 1 in the week, Doggo put on amazing performances and started making a name for himself in the LPL.

One of the more exciting parts of BLG’s off-season was around their carries. Doggo was the only unknown quantity coming into 2022. While he looked impressive at the international level, many questioned if he could keep up a high level of performance in a more challenging league. If his first few weeks are anything to go by, the answer is definitely a yes.

Huangfeng – Weibo Gaming

The final bot lane carry of today’s article is Huanfeng. While Sofm was the start of the show, Huanfeng still made sure his name was known. Being of the few carries to still gravitate towards Xayah, his numbers on her this season have been phenomenal.

Much like Light, Huanfeng gets the job of a bot lane carry done to perfection. His positioning is second to none, and it seems like he is always at the right place at the right time. He understands how much damage he can deal while knowing how to avoid taking damage, making him a massive threat to the enemy team.

LPL All Pro Teams: Supports

LPL All Pro Teams

The LPL All-Pro teams support of the week is Ming. After a rough week one, Ming has been constantly evolving, returning to the top of the LPL. While this could stand for RNG as a team, this is especially true for Ming.

For the match of the week for week 3, RNG took on BLG in a match with many stories to tell. One of those stories featured both Ming and Crisp, two of the legendary LPL trio of supports, alongside Meiko. While both had excellent performances and both made today’s article, only one could be named the winner of the match, and that support was Ming.

ShiauC—Ultra Prime

In the first week that his partner in crime is absent from the list, ShiauC manages to make it. Constantly living in Elk’s shadow, watching him picking up MVP votes, this week ShiauC’s star shone brighter.

At the end of the day, that’s how he plays. ShiauC is an aggressive support, loving his engage-heavy champions, often going in too deep and looking silly. And while that certainly was the case in game 1, where UP’s bot lane had a rough time, his second game was a masterclass on how to play Rakan.

Crisp – Bilibili Gaming

Closing out the list of players in the All-Pro teams is Crisp. While he didn’t manage to win the series against RNG, Crisp showed that he is still one of the top supports in the LPL.

He also played another series, this time against Rare Atom. Of all the teams that faced RA so far this split, BLG was the only team that managed to beat them comfortably. This was due, in no small part, to Crisp putting on an amazing performance, constantly engaging and locking down key targets from the enemy team. He understands that his job is to engage and prioritize the enemy’s carries, even at the cost of his own life.

LPL All-Pro Teams: MVP of the week

Am – RNG
LPL All Pro teams

A true monster on Summoner’s Rift, Bin was as good this week as he was during Suning’s miracle run. Showing dominance in his match against Breathe, Bin looked unstoppable, earning him his first week MVP title from TGH.

And he did it the best way he knows how. All throughout 2021, Bin was one of, if not the best, Gwen players in the LPL, displaying why it became a notorious pick last year. And in game three, he picked Camille. When it comes to Bin, many LPL fans immediately associate him with Camille, and he showed exactly why this association is made.

LPL All-Pro Teams: Rookie of the week

Doggo – Bilibili Gaming

For the second week in a row, Doggo is the rookie of the week. While many were excited to see Uzi return to the league, he will have stiff competition as Doggo has performed stupendously so far.

Establishing himself as one of the best Aphelios players the LPL has to offer, he went toe-to-toe with the RNG veteran squad and stomped out the mixed roster of Rare Atom. Despite being a rookie player to the LPL, and having only started playing in the PCS last year, Doggo is here to make a statement and show that his name will be remembered for years to come.

And that concludes the third LPL All-Pro article of the year. Week four won’t be for a while, due to the Lunar New Year break. So make sure you stay tuned, as the games will start up again on the tenth of February. Until then, Happy Lunar New Year.

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