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LoL Players Outraged; Failed Clash, Unpaid Rewards and Disturbing Changes

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26 July 2022, 13:56

author: Przemyslav Dygas

Riot Games is taking flak from LoL fans. All because of the failed Clash and the upcoming patch 12.14.

The recently concluded Shadow Islands Cup did not go the the way League of Legends devs thought it would go. The event was haunted by a whole host of problems that spoiled the player experience. The developers have already announced steps to place the community, but not everyone liked them.

Shadow Islands Cup faces problems

The next Clash called the Cup of the Shadow Islands was supposed to be an opportunity to have fun and win many prizes, which included valuable orbs. Unfortunately, few players were able to fully enjoy participation in the event.

In fact, one could even say that everything that could have gone wrong went so. Numerous players were stuck in endless queues, and those who managed to join the game encountered many glitches that often made it impossible to complete the matches.

Even the lucky ones who managed to fully play the matches could not enjoy the victory. This is because many people did not receive any of the promised prizes.

Developers promise to make amendments

It didn’t take long for Riot Games to respond. As early as Sunday, the game’s executive producer, Jeremy Lee, announced that players who participated in the Shadow Isles Cup would be eligible for refunds.

LoL Players Outraged;  Failed Clash, Unpaid Rewards and Disturbing Changes - picture #1

Source: Twitter | Riot Brightmoon

However, this has sparked an outrage among many fans. This is because the devs only mentioned refunding the cost of purchasing tickets, which had to be bought to participate in the Clash. The developers, meanwhile, did not address the issue of the “missing” prizes.

Many players claimed in the commentsthat they don’t care about their refunds. Instead, they expect orbs and other items that are due to them in exchange for winning matches. Outraged comments were often posted by players who participated in the Clash for the first time.

LoL Players Outraged;  Failed Clash, Unpaid Rewards and Disturbing Changes - picture #2

Source: Twitter | Thassarian

Fortunately, the avalanche of responses has apparently reached the developers of LoL. Yesterday Jeremy Lee published another post, in which he announced that the studio is working on fixing the problems.

The developers’ goal is to make players receive their due rewards and trophies. The announcement was met with a much more favorable reception from the players. Some, moreover, have confirmed that they have already received their overdue rewards.

Silence before the storm

So it can be concluded that the developers managed to bring the crisis under control and everything ended well. Soon, however, another fire may break out in the LoL community. This is because tomorrow will mark the release of the controversial patch 12.14.

Some players have already managed to declare the update “the dumbest thing they’ve ever seen.” The review of comments under the list of changes published by Riot suggests that this is the opinion of a large part of the community.

According to players, the patch lacks at least a nerf for Xerath, which is supposed to be too powerful in his current state. There is also outrage over the nerfing of characters, such as Yuumi, who are already unable to boast overly effective abilities.

Overall, most of the balance changes were met with a lot of criticism from the players. We are left to wait for the patch’s release to see if they will really affect the gameplay experience so negatively. Update 12.14 will become available tomorrow.

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