Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Lionscreed release League of Legends player for threatening behaviour

UK esports organization Lionscreed have released Unfavored from their NLC Division 3 League of Legends roster after he threatened another player.

16-year-old Danish Grandmaster mid-laner, Composites, posted a series of screenshots this evening of threatening messages he received from Unfavoured.

It happened after the pair met on the same team in a League of Legends solo queue match, which resulted in a loss. Unfavored then invited Composites to a Discord server, before he and others (avec, daejun and panari) engaged in insulting, bullying and threatening behavior towards Composites.

At one point Unfavored found Composites’ school address and contact information, and linked it to him, saying: “I might honestly join this school. Thoughts?”

The League of Legends community has rallied behind Composites, and spoke out about the potential for young players to be doxxed (where someone’s personal information is made public online for usually harmful means).

Composites said in this Twitter thread the incident happened a week and a half ago, and that he felt scared to tweet about it.

Unfavored has since made his Twitter account private. Esports News UK has reached out to both players for any additional context or comment.

Composites got back to us, saying: “I remember him tilting over none of his lanes having prio (I was top Cho’Gath so I couldnt really get any prio) and he malded after 12 minutes so we just opened. And words were probably spoken in-game as well, but nothing special to make this happen. This was also my first occurrence with Unfavoured.”

Composites also told Esports News UK he is not playing for a team right now as he’s focusing on school and taking a bit of a break this split. He previously played for Danish org ESP-Esports (Espergærde eSport) and a team known as LCD.

After the incident, Lionscreed released Unfavored from their roster and replaced him with substitute player Horizon.

The org published this statement on Twitter, saying: “Never have we, nor will we stand for any kind of racism, threats, doxxing, insults or abuse and we continue to operate a zero tolerance policy in that regard.

“Feeling safe is a human right and as an organization we have a special obligation to care for our players and everyone involved in order to create a better esports scene for everyone.”

Lions Creed owner Abdiqani Ahmed also published this Twitter thread before the statement was made.

Lions Creed are playing in the NLC Division 3. The NLC is the Northern League of Legends Championship, the European Regional League for the UK, Ireland and Nordics.

See Esports News UK’s latest content on the NLC here.

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