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Leaked Bel’Veth gameplay shows possible first look at new champion’s abilities

Gameplay for League of Legends’ newest champion, the void jungler Bel’Veth, was reportedly released early on the Spanish MSI stream today. She was revealed in a cinematic yesterday, and fans finally got a look at how she could behave in-game.

another video, supposedly taken from Chinese video platform QQ Video, shows more gameplay clips of the upcoming champion. Even though the footage opens up speculation about her abilities, nothing is set in stone until Bel’Veth releases on the PBE and live servers.

Based on the gameplay, Bel’Veth seems to have two forms. One is her human avatar, and the other is a Void creature that looks like a manta ray. It’s unclear when she uses her two forms or if she can switch between the two at will, but the Void form could surface whenever she uses her ultimate.

The champion has dashes in four separate directions, which, when used, go on a cooldown. Enemies can see her dash is in cooldown thanks to indicators right to her health bar and adapt accordingly. After using one of her dashes, the purple meter under Bel’Veth’s health bar also increases, improving her auto attacks. Enemies can see that Bel’Veth has her directional dashes, making her movements a bit predictable during a teamfight. She also has a knock-up ability that provides great crowd control in her kit and should synergize well with champions like Yasuo.

As part of her kit, Bel’Veth seems to get reset into the Void after successfully eliminating an enemy or even the jungle’s epic objectives like dragons. When she comes back into the Rift, she briefly explodes, creating an AoE ability and damaging nearby enemies.

In a gameplay clip, she is also seen clearing a minion wave, and after she kills a minion, a small void creature takes their place. These creatures seem to work similarly to Yorick’s minions and help fight enemies, attack objectives, and more.

Bel’Veth doesn’t have a set release date at the moment, but players should expect her to arrive on the PBE server soon. The last champion before Bel’Veth was the support champion Renata Glasc, who entered the Rift in February.

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