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League of Legends Wild Rift Lux Guide

League of Legends Wild Rift Lux is a burst champion often found in. is played Drachenweg as support. Lux is an A-tier pick on the champion tier list and is easy to play depending on your play style. Lux mostly will do Magical damage and can do a lot of damage.


Starting article


  • Harmonious echo
  • Glowing censer
  • Running water wand

– Display –


  • Ionic Boots of Clarity> Redemption

Final build

  • Harmonious echo
  • Glowing censer
  • Running water wand
  • Rabadon’s death cap
  • Void wand
  • Ionic Boots of Clarity> Redemption


Lightning & Healing


  • Aery
  • weakness
  • loyalty
  • Manaflow band


Lighting (passive) – Lux’s damaging spells energize enemies for 6 seconds. Lux’s Auto Attacks and Ultimate against these targets consume the marker to deal additional magical damage.

Light binding – Throw a projectile in the target direction that will pin the first two targets hit. It also handles magical damage.

Prismatic barrier – Throws her wand in the target direction. Any allied champion in the way of the wand (and Lux ​​himself) is protected from a certain amount of damage. After reaching its maximum range, the wand returns, shielding any allied champion the wand passes on its way back to Lux. The shields can stack if the wand passes the same ally twice.

Transparent singularity – Throws a ball of light at a location, which then spreads once it reaches the target area. The area lasts up to 5 seconds and any enemy units in the area will be slowed down. At the end of the duration, or when Lux reactivates this ability, the area detonates, dealing magical damage to all enemy units within.

Last spark (ultimate) – Fires a massive beam of light in a line, dealing magical damage to all enemies hit. It also shows the area in the path of the laser.

– Display –

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