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Killing Floor 2: Beginner Tips And Tricks

Released in 2016, Killing Floor 2 still gets updates with new weapons, maps, and more. The consistent care from Tripwire Interactive keeps the door open for new players to hop into the game to slay some Zeds with a heavy metal soundtrack.

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For new players, there are essential things you need to know before you boot up. Some of these things are helpful tips the game does not tell you that will make your life significantly easier. Other parts can be figured out, but they are still good to know as soon as possible for a successful Zed-killing career, whether you are doing it alone or with friends.


8th Private Games Help You Earn Experience

If you have friends to play with, you may prefer to create a private lobby, so no randoms come in to spoil the fun. It can be more reliable to have people you know, so you can survive the increasingly difficult waves of monstrous beings.

Whether you play privately or publicly, regardless of the mode, you still earn experience. Unfortunately, the game does not make this quite clear initially when figuring out what or how you want to play. So, however you choose to enjoy your time, you will still progress on your Perk (the term the game uses for classes).

7 Reload Before Buying Ammo

In between waves, you get time to go to a trader. This is where you can buy new weapons, armor, upgrade your gear, and get more ammo. When purchasing, it will cost you dosh, which you naturally earn when fighting the Zeds.

One thing you should know before you purchase more ammo is that you should reload. It is basic, practical advice that saves you little by little dosh over time. Just make sure you reload every gun you have equipped since it can put you in a possible jam if you need to reload when a clot is coming to take a chunk out of you.

6 Search Maps For Equipment

Another method to save money is looking around the map for ammo boxes or armor vests. However, it can get expensive, especially when you want to buy a better weapon or an upgrade for a current one.

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The timing is hard to understand. It disappears between rounds, so during your breaks with the trader, search for any goodies you can find. As you learn maps, you will know exactly where to find loot. Start with small maps like Farmhouse, then slowly go bigger when your map knowledge improves.

5 Anyone Can Use Medic Guns

There are disadvantages to using weapons outside of your Perk. You will be making progress on a class you are not playing, stunting growth for whatever you have selected. Depending on your Perk’s setup, you also don’t get any abilities associated with those weapons.

What you do gain is the ability to use medic weapons. Maybe you are the last one alive or need additional healing because your one Field Medic cannot keep everyone alive. Having a medical gun can help the team greatly in surviving tougher waves.

4 Assist Every Chance You Get

Assists are beneficial for teammates fighting tougher Zeds and for you. Dead Zeds give out experience to all players who hit them. All you need to do is take one shot at that Fleshpound to get the points. It’s a great way to ensure you level up quickly.

Some perks make this easier than others. For example, Demolitionist or Firebug use their explosives or fire to hit multiple enemies simultaneously. Having slower weapons or not having many area of ​​effect capabilities make it harder, but not impossible. With so many enemies grouped up, you will miss and hit another one behind your target.

3 Stop Bosses From Healing

Of the game’s bosses, only two heal: The Patriarch and Dr. Hans Volter. It can be difficult for beginners and even veterans when the boss keeps healing. So, you need to stick to them to prevent it.

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Patriarch turns invisible and runs away to heal. For a big guy, he can be fast, so your whole squad needs not to lose sight of him to keep damaging him. The doctor activates a shield that eats up most damage done to him, but you can still break through it. After a moment, he will jump on a player to suck the life out of them. You will need to unload into him to save your friend.

2 Learn Different Weapons

When you browse the trader’s offerings, each weapon has stats to signify damage, fire rate, and so on. Of course, playstyle and preference also matter, so don’t be afraid to experiment to find something that you like, even if the game tells you it’s not as good.

Switching Perks also encourages you to discover new weapons. Then, leveling up that Perk and getting the benefits that weapon has for that Perk will give you the true experience of using that Zed slaying tool. With each class having its arsenal, you have plenty to check out.

1 share money

Share your money with your team. You can give others cash if you don’t need it. Depending on how you spent your share early on, you might have an abundance in later waves. You may play a supportive or aggressive class, but nothing restricts you from being the team’s bank.

Communicate with your team to see what everyone needs. To kill a boss or make it through the next wave, everyone needs to be stocked up on ammo and armor and be happy with their loadout. Be generous, as you will make that money back up in the next few rounds.

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