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Justicar Class Guide For Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate

Gray Knights are forces of nature. Superhuman, highly trained, masters of the Warp, and covered in Truesilver Armor capable of deflecting blows that would be lethal to lesser men. Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters stars these silver-clad knights, and they are more than ready to kill in the name of the Emperor.

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Not all Knights are created equal – or at the very least, not all Knights are designed to combat Chaos in the same way. Some Knights like to carry a big gun, other Knights prefer to launch themselves through the Warp and slam hammers into people’s heads. Today, however, we will be covering the mighty and noble Justicar.


What Is A Justicar

A Justicar is a squad leader. A seasoned warrior who excels in all forms of combat, is granted the best weapons and armor, and is designed to lead his squad to victory. A Justicar can specialize in many different roles, some combat-focused, others support. This makes them an ideal candidate for a Jack-Of-All-Trades character, as they really can do everything.

Skills and Abilities

Innate Abilities

Each class comes with a set of unique traits that are active at Level One and help specialize the class before you upgrade them further.

skills Description
Justicar Justicar Gains +1 armour with his Aegis Shield ability.

core discipline

These four skills are basic skills that lead to more specialized disciplines.

skills Description
Terminator Armor Justicar can equip Terminator Armor.
Storm bolter upgrade psybolt gains +1 damage.
Health Justicar gains +4 Max HP permanently.
Willpower Justicar gains +2 Max Willpower permanently.

Aegis Shield discipline

All skills in this tree are related to the Aegis Shield ability.

skills Description
Aegis Shield Upgrade x2 Aegis Shield grants +1 armour.
Aegis Shield Warp Charge Activate this ability to gain +3 armour when using the Aegis Shield.
fortress Target a Knight at any range to transfer all of the Justicar’s Armor to the Knight for 1 turn.

Ranged weapon upgrades

All upgrades in this tree will affect any Ranged Weapon the Justicar uses.

skills description
Critical Hit Chance Justicar has a +10% chance to land a critical hit with a Ranged weapon.
critical damage Justicar deals +2 critical damage when landing a critical hit with a Ranged weapon.
psycannon Justicar can equip the psycannon.
Rapid Reload Justicar has a 50% chance to automatically reload his weapon after he has run out of ammo. This can only happen once per turn.

Leadership Discipline

This discipline focuses on supporting the rest of the squad.

skills Description
Honor The Chapter Choose a Knight at any rangeand that knight gains +1AP.
Honor The Chapter Upgrade Honor The Chapter provides an additional +1AP.
Honor The Chapter Warp Charge Activate this ability to give the target +2AP and +1WP
equipment slot The Justicar has on additional wargear slot to equip passive equipment.

Hammerhand Discipline

Each skill in this tree augments the Hammerhand Psychic Attack.

skills Description
hammer hand The Justicar can strike at an adjacent target to deal weapon damage. This attack has a 100% crit chance.
critical damage hammer hand now deals +2 Critical Hit damage.
Warp Charge Activate this ability to apply bleed for 2 turns.
Willpower Justicar gains +2 Max Willpower permanently.

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Rend The Unclean Discipline

This tree improves the power of the Rend The Unclean Psychic Attack.

skills Description
Rend The Unclean strike at all enemies within 2 spaces and deal weapon damage. This attack deals knock backbut has no stun effect.
Rend The Unclean Damage Rend The Unclean deals +2 damage
Rend The Unclean Warp Charge Activate this ability to increase blast area by 1 and deal +2 damage when using Rend The Unclean.
Willpower Justicar gains +2 Max Willpower permanently.

Provoke Discipline

This tree unlocks and improves the Provoke Psychic Ability.

skills Description
provoke Justicar targets an enemy within 10 and afflicts them with Enrage for 1 turn. Enraged forces the target to attack the Justicar.
Provoke Area Upgrade provoke gains +1 areaturning it into a small AOE.
Provoke Warp Charge Activate this ability to afflict enemies with Crazed when using provoke. Crazed targets will randomly attack allies.
Enduring Reflexes (Passive) The Justicar can activate Auto abilities at additional time.

charge discipline

This tree focuses on, unlocks, and improves Crushing Charge Psychic Attack.

skills Description
crushing charge Justicar charged 10 in a set direction and deals 1 damage, +1 hourand knock back to any enemy he collides with. This attack is immune to Auto abilities.
Crushing Charge Hobbled crushing charge now affects targets with hobbledwhich reduces their Movement speed by 2 for 2 turns.
Crushing charge stun crushing charge now deals additional +1 hour. Stunned targets will be Critically hit automatically.
Health Justicar gains +4 Max HP permanently.

Essential skills

The Justicar is a varied class with the scope to cover just about any combat role. That being said, there are some stand-out abilities that should be priority picks whenever you are building your Justicar.

  • hammer hand
  • Terminator Armor
  • Honor The Chapter

Firstly, Hammerhand. This ability is vital for harvesting Seeds from infected enemies, as the 100% Crit Chance removes any and all RNG from the extraction. Not only that, but you can destroy weapons, bypass armor, disable larger demons, and more. This skill, even with no further investment, is a staggeringly good utility pick.

Terminator Armor is another fantastic pick. Terminator Armor is not a straight upgrade from Power Armor, but the benefits are large enough that they more or less justify the slight decrease in mobility. As standard, Terminator Armor grants +2 Armor, making your Justicar far tougher. When combined with the various Armor enhancing abilities the Justicar has access to, a Terminator clad Justicar is practically immovable. He can also hold a Psycannon in one hand, which is nice.

Finally, Honor The Chapter. This skill lets the Justicar hand out AP to other Knights. This skill has an infinite range, which is exceptionally rare. The AP bonus, even at base, is fantastic too. You can increase the mobility, damage, and utility of any Knight that needs it, allowing you to complete objectives much easier. Upgraded, Honor the Chapter provides an incredible amount of value as 1AP translates into +4AP for an ally. This skill is so good, you will likely use it every single turn.

Running multiple Justicars with Honor The Chapter lets you use one Justicar to buff another. Run a whole squad, and you could massively increase your CP for a squad. With servo skulls for healing and psycannons for ranged punch, you could make a surprisingly effective team capable of overwhelming enemies with CP.

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