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JiDion’s Fans Are Still Harassing Pokimans

Streamer JiDion recently got permanently banned from Twitch after breaking its terms of service by instructing his viewers to harass Pokimane while she was streaming. This set off a chain of events that led to Ninja getting involved, and his wife and manager, Jessica Blevins, threatening to sue Pokimane for defamation of character after she recounted comments Ninja had made live on his stream.

JiDion made several sexist remarks that Pokimane has spoken out against, but since losing his appeal to get unbanned has attempted to get his community to stop attacking her, and has aplogised. His fans, and many YouTubers and streamers, have been saying Pokimane got him banned, reframing the events to make him the victim of his own hate campaign.


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Pokimane has stressed several times that she is unable to get anyone banned, it’s all up to Twitch – which is currently banning people for saying they’re 12. She’s also spoken out against the sexist double standards faced by women who stream.

JiDion’s inability to rein his community in shows just how dangerous this sort of behavior is. What began as something claimed to be trolling and joking has snowballed beyond something he can control.

Ninja had an opportunity to call out the harmful behavior, but any condemnation of JiDion’s actions were overshadowed by Ninja saying he’d play Fortnite with him. Ninja also went on to say, “if you’re gonna ratio bitches“, which JiDion took as him calling Pokimane a bitch, but he then explained he, “meant bitches in general,” which isn’t a great defense. He then went on to claim, live on stream, he had texted his twitch representative to try and get JiDion unbanned.

The series of events highlights what happens when this kind of sexist harassment is left unchecked, and even tacitly endorsed by men with influence in positions of power. It has been weeks since JiDion’s initial hate raid and subsequent ban, yet Pokimane is still facing harassment while he’s framed as the victim of an unfair ban.

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